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Mini-Cruise · 2015 · Stena Line's  Stena Scandinavica

Kiel - Göteborg - Kiel

   Stena Line's  Stena Scandinavica  is the longest ferry in the world !

Stena Line's 'Stena Scandinavica' leaves Kiel :
Stena Line Stena Scandinavica · IMO9235517 · 02jul2015 1915CEST (Kiel)

Stena Scandinavica  The Ship
  • IMO 9235517
  • MMSI 266343000
  • Call Sign SJLB
  • Registered in Göteborg ⁄ Sweden
  • First Journey 2003
  • Passengers 1300
  • Staterooms 492
  • Crew n/a
  • Crew ⁄ Stateroom n/a
  • Cars 300
  • Lane Meters 4220
  • GT 57639
  • GT ⁄ Stateroom 117.15
  • Length 798ft / 243.30m
  • Beam 98.0ft / 29.88m
  • Beam Superstructures n/a
  • Draft 20.7ft / 6.30m
  • Height ~138ft / ~42.00m ( a.s.l.)
  • Engine Power 25.9MW
  • Speed 21.5kts
  • Decks 11
Data Sources: Stena Line / MT / Wikipedia

'Stena Line's 'Stena Scandinavica' was built at Hyundai Heavy Industries in Ulsan and later elongated by 30m at Lloyd Werft in Bremerhaven in 2007. The ferry was renamed several times over the years. 'Stena Scandinavica' entered the daily service between Göteborg and Kiel together with her sister ship in 2011.


The Mini-Cruise  Day 1 - Sunday 14th June 2015 - Kiel   ... - 06:45pm

While I was still on the way to the 'Stena Line' terminal at 'Schwedenkai' in Kiel, I saw from afar, how the boarding started on time at 05:00pm. There were only a few people at the check-in desk, but I had to wait 15 minutes because only one person behind the counter performed the procedure. No waiting at boarding card check, no security checks, no customs and no person controls thanks to Schengen Agreement, and at 05:22pm, I entered the ferry 'Stena Scandinavica' after crossing the endless gangway at an increasingly lofty height, it smelled like really delicious fried fish. I had booked an inside stateroom, outside staterooms were available only in the very expensive premium segment. Shortly thereafter, I had to go through the whole ship, before I got to my stateroom 9956 on the port side. A Window to the aft main parking deck between the funnels, where only a single truck parked. The roller blind on the window was stubborn, there was a limited selection of German TV programs and the air conditioning warmed up the stateroom not so well.

At 06:34pm, 'Stena Scandinavica' moved away from the pier about 10 minutes before the scheduled departure from 'Schwedenkai', sat back and turned after the engines had been started just over 20 minutes earlier. Around 07:20pm, the ferry passed Laboe, gulls were fed from the hands of passengers in flight. There was a good view all around from the highest deck 12, the sky was depressingly gray, and it remained so until sunset. Also on this Scandinavian ferry, there were a lot of drunks with glassy eyes and questionable behavior.

At 08:15pm: 'düdeldidüd-düd', 'Welcome to Maritime Service!'; my mobile service provider assumed, that I was on the high seas, while the coast was still in sight. I put my smartphone in flight mode because the announced internet access rates were far beyond good and evil. About 3 hours after departure from Kiel, there was a wonderful sunset over Langeland, not predicted by the weather forecast.

I walked through the small shop quickly, the prices were acceptable. There were 3 restaurants in the front of the ship with a view on the bow and 3 bars, one with live music, a games room and some slot machines. The stairs were narrow, the orientation based on the signs very well. By midnight, waves and wind were banging against the port side, and 'Stena Scandinavica' was rumbling like a train. It got dangerously windy on deck 12, taking away the air to breathe. Unbelievable, but spray splashed up here and onto my camera lens. The 'Storebæltsbroen' appeared, but photography was barely possible due to wind and spray. I had a few photos with detail sharpness only. Planet Jupiter throned over the bridge and Venus began to disappear behind a small cloud.


Sunset over Langeland :
Mini Cruise · Stena Scandinavica · Sunset · 14jun2015 2156CEST (N54°56-E010°52)
The giant 'Storebæltsbroen' with planet Jupiter above :
Mini Cruise · Stena Scandinavica · Storebæltsbroen · 14jun2015 2334CEST (N55°20-E011°01)

The Mini-Cruise  Day 2 - Monday 15th June 2015 - Göteborg   09:15am - 06:45pm

At 03:30am, I woke up, while to the rumbling a rolling and rocking has come, the sky was already light, but the sun has not yet risen. A potentially beautiful sunrise was covered by clouds, but the passage through the Skärgård west of Göteborg was much friendlier, the sun was shining and there was blue sky, contrary to the weather forecast again.

Shortly after passing through the 'Älvsborgsbron', 'Stena Scandinavica' berthed at 09:10am at 'Tysklandsterminalen' in Göteborg and 15 minutes later, I left the ferry as one of the last. Contrary to the weather forecast, the sky was clear, but the usual cold polar wind was blowing, typical northern summer. I walked around the city, my first visit to Sweden ever, and I experienced Göteborg as very relaxed on this so rare sunny summer day. There was also time to sit a bit in the sun, and watch the bustle of the city. Communication in English without problems, also on board, I have not tried German language at all.

Contrary to the weather forecast, some cumulus clouds covered the city later, not many, but unfortunately condensing in the evening. Pictures were partly without sunlight, when the ship departed 10 minutes early. At 05:38pm, I entered 'Stena Scandinavica', it smelled very delicious again. The departure took place at 06:35pm, just 5 minutes before, the engines were started, and the longest ferry in the world began to vibrate again, as if she was reluctant. She then turned almost in place and came very close to the shore fortification. The journey through the Skärgård was very nice again, even a small Viking boat sailed alongside for a short time. The very cold wind later subsided after leaving the Kattegatt, and there was still some sort of a sparse sunset between the clouds.


In the Skärgård at Fjärskären :
Mini Cruise · Stena Scandinavica · Skärgård Fjärskären · 15jun2015 0819CEST (N57°38-E011°41)
In the Skärgård with small islands of Fjärskären and Vinga :
Mini Cruise · Stena Scandinavica · Skärgård Fjärskären Vinga · 15jun2015 0820CEST (N57°38-E011°42)
In the Skärgård with Vasskären :
Mini Cruise · Stena Scandinavica · Skärgård Vasskären · 15jun2015 0825CEST (N57°39-E011°44)
In the Skärgård with lighthouse of small island of Gäveskär :
Mini Cruise · Stena Scandinavica · Skärgård Gäveskär · 15jun2015 0830CEST (N57°39-E011°46)
View on the fort 'Nya Elfsborg' :
Mini Cruise · Stena Scandinavica · Skärgård Fort Nya Elfsborg · 15jun2015 0843CEST (N57°41-E011°50)
After passing the 'Älvsborgsbron' of Göteborg :
Mini Cruise · Stena Scandinavica · Älvsborgsbron · 15jun2015 0900CEST (N57°41-E011°54)
The Skärgård with marina of Saltholmen :
Mini Cruise · Stena Scandinavica · Saltholmen · 15jun2015 1905CEST (N57°41-E011°50)
Small islands at Svinholmarna :
Mini Cruise · Stena Scandinavica · Skärgård Svinholmarna · 15jun2015 1906CEST (N57°41-E011°50)
In the Skärgård with Saltholmen and Svinholmarna :
Mini Cruise · Stena Scandinavica · Skärgård Saltholmen Svinholmarna · 15jun2015 1907CEST (N57°41-E011°49)
The Skärgård with Asperö in the background :
Mini Cruise · Stena Scandinavica · Skärgård Asperö · 15jun2015 1914CEST (N57°40-E011°47)
Small Viking boat sailing alongside of 'Stena Scandinavica' :
Mini Cruise · Stena Scandinavica · Skärgård Viking Boat · 15jun2015 1915CEST (N57°40-E011°47)
Göteborg Panorama :
Mini Cruise · Stena Scandinavica · Göteborg Panorama · 15jun2015 1918CEST (N57°39-E011°46)
In the Skärgård with islands of Dynholmen and Brännö :
Mini Cruise · Stena Scandinavica · Skärgård Dynholmen Brännö · 15jun2015 1920CEST (N57°39-E011°44)
Sunset in the Kattegatt :
Mini Cruise · Stena Scandinavica · Sunset · 15jun2015 2139CEST (N56°56-E011°45)

The Mini-Cruise  Day 3 - Tuesday 16th June 2015 - Kiel   09:15am - ...

In the morning at 07:15am, there was, as on the outward journey, the first loudspeaker announcement again. Unfortunately, nothing but clouds when passing Laboe at 08:00am and docking in Kiel shortly after 09:00am. The maneuver took longer, and I eventually left 'Stena Scandinavica' at 09:16am. The chefs de cuisine stood together with officers next to the gangway and received applause from the enthusiastic passengers. After leaving 'Stena Scandinavica', I again walked along the gangway and entered the 'Stena Line' terminal at 'Schwedenkai'. No controls were made. My Mini-Cruise was over again so soon...


Stena Scandinavica  Photos
Stena Line's 'Stena Scandinavica' leaves Kieler Außenförde :
Stena Line Stena Scandinavica · IMO9235517 · 09jul2014 1940CEST (Kiel)
Stena Line's 'Stena Scandinavica' passes Laboe :
Stena Line Stena Scandinavica · IMO9235517 · 09jul2014 1945CEST (Kiel)
Stena Line's 'Stena Scandinavica' in the Kieler Bucht :
Stena Line Stena Scandinavica · IMO9235517 · 09jul2014 1947CEST (Kiel)
Stena Line's 'Stena Scandinavica' berthed in Göteborg :
Stena Line Stena Scandinavica · IMO9235517 · 15jun2015 1727CEST (Göteborg)
Funnels of 'Stena Scandinavica' :
Stena Line Stena Scandinavica · IMO9235517 · 15jun2015 1728CEST (Göteborg)
Giant aft ramp of 'Stena Scandinavica' :
Stena Line Stena Scandinavica · IMO9235517 · 15jun2015 1728CEST (Göteborg)

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