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Cruise · 2016 · Royal Caribbean's  Harmony Of The Seas

Barcelona - Civitavecchia - Napoli - Barcelona

   Royal Caribbean's  Harmony Of The Seas  is the biggest cruise ship in the world !

'Royal Caribbean' welcomes you at 'Harmony Of The Seas' with 'Crown & Anchor' and 'Harmony' :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · 07jun2016 1236CEST (Barcelona)

Harmony Of The Seas  The Ship
  • IMO 9682875
  • MMSI 311000396
  • Call Sign C6BX8
  • Registered in Nassau ⁄ Bahamas
  • First Cruise 22 May 2016
  • Passengers 6780
  • Staterooms 2474
  • Crew 2400
  • Crew ⁄ Stateroom 0.97
  • GT 226963
  • GT ⁄ Stateroom 91.7
  • Length 1188ft / 362.12m
  • Beam Hull 155.5ft / 47.42m
  • Beam Superstructures 218ft / 66.45m
  • Draft 30.6ft / 9.32m
  • Height 236ft / 71.93m (a.s.l.)
  • Diesel Engine Power 98MW
  • Speed 25kts
  • 20 Restaurants
  • 15 Clubs & Bars
  • Bionic Bar
  • Carousel
  • Casino
  • Conference Center
  • Kids Area
  • Theater 1400 Seats
  • Aqua Theater 600 Seats
  • 14 Pools
  • 7 Slides
  • 2 FlowRider Surf Simulators
  • Basketball Court
  • Ice Skating Rink
  • Miniature Golf Course
  • Rock Climbing Wall
  • Wellness & Fitness Center
  • Zip Line
Data Sources: RCI / DNV GL / Ship-Technology / MT / Wikipedia

Currently, 'Harmony Of The Seas' is the biggest cruise and passenger ship in the world, operated by 'Royal Caribbean', the biggest cruise line, founded in 1969. She has 2 slightly smaller sister ships, 'Oasis Of The Seas' and 'Allure Of The Seas' of 2009 and 2010. There are some differences between the first 2 ships and 'Harmony Of The Seas'. Some innovations have been added like the dry slides at the stern, and the more spacious 'Solarium', as well as some new technological features, like the air lubrication system for example, it makes 'Harmony Of The Seas' much more fuel efficient. With this newest ship of the 'Oasis Class', 'Royal Caribbean' combines many features here from the slightly smaller 'Quantum Class', which is Made in Germany. 'Harmony Of The Seas' was floated out from her dry dock in Saint-Nazaire France on 19th June 2015 at 06:30am, and entered service on 22nd May 2016, after 2 years of construction time. 'Harmony Of The Seas' cost about $1 billion.

Over the past 2 decades, 'Royal Caribbean's ships have been the biggest cruise ships in the world again and again. Countless innovations have been introduced by the company over the years. The size of the ship offers many opportunities and also an extensive and award winning entertainment program. The language spoken on board is English. Guests who are familiar with the American Way Of Life, will certainly feel at home on board 'Royal Caribbean's party ships. I chose 'Harmony Of The Seas' because of the ship itself, to experience the size and all the features.


Booking  '5 Nights Western Mediterranean'  with  Harmony Of The Seas

Booking my cruise on the 'Royal Caribbean' website in German language exactly 2 months prior to departure wasn't a problem at all. I made a reservation for my desired stateroom on the port side one day earlier during lunchtime, rather than make a fixed booking then. I received a confirmation number and a deadline in the afternoon of the following day for conversion to a fixed booking. The guest can give credit card information, choose the percentage of advance payment exceeding the 10% minimum, or even pay the full cruise fare right at this point. 5 credit card companies have been accepted. However, there was a technical problem, so I had to call the hotline. The woman was very friendly, I gave my reservation number, she stated some details, to avoid errors, I gave my credit card data, and before finishing the call, I had the booking confirmation in my eMail box; it said that 'Royal Caribbean' won't store any credit card information for security reasons.

On the German website of 'Royal Caribbean', it was explained that the European Identity Card is ok for travel within the EU, on the passport requirements page in English however, a passport is required on international travel, and it is pointed out that this also applies within Europe. During online check in - made by me in English on the 'My Cruises' page - there was only the option for a passport to choose. The 'Guest Vacation Documents' arrived in my eMail box 6½ weeks before departure day.


The Cruise  Day 1 - Tuesday 07th June 2016 - Barcelona   ... - 06:00pm

During my online check in 3 weeks ahead of departure, I made an arrival appointment for 12:30pm to 01:00pm. I then arrived with a taxi at Barcelona 'Moll Adossat Cruise Terminal B', dropped off my baggage at one of the guys in front of the terminal, he just attached a baggage tag with my stateroom number on it. Shortly after that, I simply approached one of the mobile 'Royal Caribbean' agents for check in, Omar was his name. I pointed out that I did not receive a baggage tag receipt, he said that I shouldn't be worried at all, and quickly made a new photo of me with his tablet, just because I looked way too serious for a cruise on the passport photo I used for the online check in. He asked me whether I have been to particular countries with a risk of infection in Africa. I presented my 'Set Sail Pass', my passport and my credit card, and quickly was directed to the terminal entrance, where I passed the security control and the small Duty Free area. I was wondering why there were so many beverages offered, though there is an extensive ban to bring beverages on board, the rules are confusing. I passed the photo hall, where guests could get photographed in front of giant 'Harmony Of The Seas' picture boards, and then went up the escalator to the gangway along the pier. Besides, 'Harmony Of The Seas' towered up like a wall of balconies.

At exactly 01:00pm, I entered 'Harmony Of The Seas' over the gangway. There was a last check of my identity and 'Set Sail Pass', together in total, nearly a half a dozen since baggage drop off, and then I was in something of what I thought that this must be ashore, the 'Royal Promenade', a giant hall over 2 decks with bars, restaurants, the 'Guest Services Desk', 2 ATM's, the 'Bionic Bar', where 2 robots mix drinks - pumping content from bottles hanging upside down on the ceiling and even shake the drinks before serving them -, the 'Rising Tide Bar', a bar on a big open elevator platform, moving between deck 5 and 8, and other amenities. There are space wasting atriums 12 decks high, surrounded by glass elevators at both ends of the 'Royal Promenade'. Loud music surrounded my first wow-experience on board. Many people in a slightly excited positive atmosphere.

I straightly headed to the forward port staircase, jumped 5 decks up within just seconds using one of the express glass elevators and found my stateroom 10176 right around the corner, a short way down the corridor. This is wonderful, as well as in the USA, quick close door buttons in the 24 express elevators, and usually no long waiting times for them, though, one of them seemed to be defunct from day 3 on. There was an envelope containing my 'SeaPass' card next to the stateroom number. This plastic card in the size of a credit card opens the stateroom door by just holding it against the door reader. Furthermore, it is used for leaving and returning to the ship, for on-board purchases and in other situations.

It took me only a little more than 30 minutes in total from my downtown Barcelona hotel with taxi to terminal and through the entire check in and boarding process to my stateroom on board 'Harmony Of The Seas', there was no waiting worth mentioning, and baggage was found 1 hour later in front of my stateroom. That's a record!

I discovered and explored the ship at first, it is huge! Everything is bigger, larger, wider, longer, greater and more extraordinary and exclusive! Real plants and trees in the 'Central Park'! From early in the morning until late in the night, there were much more activities, shows, sights and entertainment offers, than one could ever experience. So, this was not the right time and place for boredom! I really rushed through the 5 days, with few hours of relaxation on sun deck or balcony, in order to not miss anything. Ship appearance at all, everything was new, of course. Public areas were well designed, spacious, with soft carpets everywhere. I did not even notice the air condition, so well were the interiors. Despite the size of the ship, it's unlikely that one gets lost because of all the diagrams, signs and interactive screens, navigation on the ship is well designed and easy. 'Harmony Of The Seas' appeared to me crowded unexpectedly seldom, with very few queues and congestion, even when the captain showed up. The longest line ups I have seen were on the last late evening, when guests without credit card tried to pay their expenses at the 'Guest Services Desk'.

On departure day, the 'Windjammer' buffet restaurant was open from midday to the late evening, and I had a first small meal on board in the afternoon. Back in the stateroom, cabin steward Fitzroy showed up at 04:00pm to introduce himself and give some basic information about his daily presence, which was from 08:00am to midday and from 06:00pm on for a few hours. On board American ships, it is totally normal to get the curtains closed already before sunset. He wondered why I'm travelling alone. Right after that, I took a first short sunbath on the pool deck on this very sunny day in Barcelona.

Security drill was held from 05:00pm on in the bar 'The Attic' for my group, 1 deck below the boat deck, my presence was recorded by reading the 'SeaPass' card, no life vests to put on, just some information over the public address in up to 4 different languages - announcements usually were made in English and Spanish language apart from that -, and a life vest demonstration by a crew member. Many guests were late, but the drill was finished before departure. And then, I experienced the only time of real congestion on the ship during the entire cruise. All guests tried to leave their muster stations at once. I took the stairs.

At 06:10pm, 'Harmony Of The Seas' 4 bow thrusters pushed the ship away from the pier. The thrusters allow 'Harmony Of The Seas' to maneuver without tugs safely. The ship sailed 15 minutes backwards down the harbor to the turning circle, and then she turned within 10 minutes without the support of tugs. At 06:45pm, 'Harmony Of The Seas' left the harbor of Barcelona, and the pilot was dropped off from her with a small boat. Yes, regardless of size, a ship is always female!

The ship was reinventing slowness sometimes, but 20kts were sailed occasionally because of helicopter operations, too. 'Harmony Of The Seas' turned at 09:10pm, followed by a public announcement made by the captain. He turned the ship for a helicopter rescue operation in order to evacuate a guest due to a medical emergency. The ship stopped 70 minutes later some miles off the coast. A helicopter circled over the port side of the ship for a while, but then turned away and the ship sailed closer to Barcelona's nocturnal skyline, where mobile LTE internet connection was possible again. The ship then stopped at 11:50pm, and the rescue helicopter finally landed on the bow platform.


'Harmony Of The Seas' sets back from 'Moll Adossat Cruise Terminal B' in Barcelona and turns :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Departure Barcelona · 07jun2016 1833CEST (N41°21-E002°10)

View on Barcelona right after leaving the harbor :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Departure Barcelona · 07jun2016 1851CEST (N41°17-E002°11)
Turning east towards Strait Of Bonifacio between Corse and Sardegna leaving Catalunya behind :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Departure Barcelona · 07jun2016 1902CEST (N41°16-E002°12)

First evening and first picturesque sunset :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Sunset · 07jun2016 2103CEST (N41°16-E002°49)
View on nocturnal Barcelona after returning to short off the coast for rescue helicopter :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Sunset · 07jun2016 2207CEST (N41°14-E002°27)

The Cruise  Day 2 - Wednesday 08th June 2016 - Sea Day

At 00:10am, 'Harmony Of The Seas' finally sailed again, away from the coast of Catalunya and the illuminated capital of Barcelona, right after the helicopter took off from the bow platform. This sea day was used mainly for exploring and discovering the giant ship, eating, drinking, and relaxing in the sun, and of course, enjoying the sea!

Until lunchtime, the sun loungers on the pool deck got more and more occupied by sun worshippers, but I always found a free one! Surrounded by nonstop music, it was party time, but there is also the more silent 'Solarium', expanding gradually over the 3 decks above and behind the ship's bridge with whirlpools and music for chilling out. The sun is shining through sails only partially here, and the guests can go outside to the bridge wings. There are also some small sliding windows to take pictures and for a fresh sea breeze ventilation. A few sun loungers can be found at the stern around the 'Aqua Theater' overlooking the fairway, where it is quiet - apart of the quite amusing screams coming from the 'Ultimate Abyss' sometimes -, the guest can be more lonesome here.

Music everywhere, sometimes live, also on the pool deck, almost everything pleasantly and to my taste, no pain in my ears, a real music steamer as we say in Germany.

On the 'Royal Promenade' lots of events all day - even at 1 o'clock in the morning - big life with loud live music and dance. Sometimes, Dreamworks characters like Shrek for example showed up here. Snacks and drinks were offered at 'Sorrentos' and 'Café Promenade' even at late hours.

On the balcony, the waves make more sound than the ship's engines, there is very less motor sound at all, everywhere on the ship. Waves shake the ship a little bit at the bow, but there was absolutely no rocking and rolling on the entire cruise, even at times with more heavy wind and waves of occasionally up to 5ft, big 'Harmony Of The Seas' was always very stable!

At 07:30pm, a long queue with guests who wanted to take a picture with the captain, he posed in front of a vintage convertible, big reception, but no congestion though.

In the Strait Of Bonifacio between French island of Corse in the north and Italian island of Sardegna in the south, fast mobile LTE internet access was possible for about 1 hour. Good for browsing through the latest news and weather reports. The islands appeared more or less visible in the emerging darkness, and beacons were flashing far away.


'Harmony Of The Seas' has 3 big azimuth thrusters aka azipods with each 20.5MW power :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 08jun2016 1305CEST (N41°18-E006°32)
Sunset on day 2 short off Strait Of Bonifacio from port bridge wing :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Sunset · 08jun2016 2040CEST (N41°17-E008°56)

Capo Testa lighthouse on Italian island of Sardegna appears in the dusk :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Sardegna · 08jun2016 2112CEST (N41°17-E009°03)
More far away is French island of Corse with a light beacon :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Corse · 08jun2016 2123CEST (N41°17-E009°08)

A warm evening at sea with the moon high above the horizon :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Sunset · 08jun2016 2124CEST (N41°17-E009°08)

The Cruise  Day 3 - Thursday 09th June 2016 - Civitavecchia / Roma   07:00am - 08:00pm

Early in the morning, at 06:35am, 'Harmony Of The Seas' turned a half a mile in front of the harbor entrance of Civitavecchia. She passed the entrance backwards at 06:50am, and docked at the pier 15 minutes later.

At 09:00am, 65 minutes after the announcement for the opening of the 2 gangways, there were no queues at both of them, the ship was orphaned, but the 'Windjammer' buffet restaurant well visited.

'Code Bravo', a safety drill on board for some crew members, the emergency lighting was switched on, small green lights along the corridors.

It was cold and grey outside, a thunderstorm, absolutely inappropriate weather for a cruise. Nonetheless, no real disaster for me, since I already considered not to visit Roma this time. I found the excursions offered by 'Royal Caribbean' not very attractive regarding costs, organization and time availability in Roma. Wouldn't be a problem at all to organize the excursion by train on my own, but at least 4 hours for a roundtrip journey plus a safety reserve would leave no more than 5 hours for a stay in the Eternal City. Since I knew Roma already - at best possible weather -, I rejected this option, too.

I though was a very little bit disappointed then, since Roma is one of the most fascinating places I've ever been, besides Athens, the cradle of human civilization worldwide today; actually, almost our whole modern life bases on the ancient Greeks and Romans!

Morning life on the 'Royal Promenade', some guests were still on board, short waiting times at the 'Guest Services Desk', it was still raining outside, best time for an indoor photo shooting.

At 02:15pm, I passed the on-board security at the aft gangway. My 'SeaPass' card was read, and some few steps and minutes later, I departed with a bus. Port Of Civitavecchia offers a free and frequent shuttle bus service to a location outside the port area called 'Largo Della Pace' Fermata Bus Navetta Civitavecchia at Via Prato Del Turco, from where it is a 20 minute walk to the train station. Tickets to Roma can be purchased in different languages at the ticket machines at Civitavecchia station; the most important destinations and fares are displayed together with the relevant departure and arrival times. The prices are different, sometimes single digit depending on the type of Trenitalia-train.

In Civitavecchia, there are hotels, restaurants, shops, the 'Forte Michelangelo', a rocky dirty beach and a sky that finally cleared up, it even was much warmer then.

My 'SeaPass' card was checked a total of 3 times, when I returned to the ship at 04:30pm with the shuttle bus. Best advice is that one has already stowed everything out of the pockets in the hand luggage before. Passing on-board security control - same procedure as at the airport - will be quicker then.

At 08:35pm, 'Harmony Of The Seas' departed in Civitavecchia, and passed the harbor entrance just 5 minutes later. In the late evening, 'Harmony Of The Seas' sailed with 20kts towards southeast within sight of the coast. It was windy, and the cigarette smoke of other guests on their balconies - who ignored the smoking ban outside the small smoking areas on the pool deck - was blown away quickly. The ship vibrated very gently by the waves hitting the bow.

Since there was no beautiful sunset to see on this day, there wasn't any sunset at all, but thick clouds and another thunderstorm far in the north again, I was approaching the 'Windjammer' for a longer visit than on the other evenings, since I always rushed in and out before the closure of the buffet restaurant at 10:00pm.

Before meals, hands must be cleaned with soap and water in washing niches at the entrance of the restaurants, reception staff also offers disinfectant dispensers and looks for compliance of the ritual, stationary disinfection dispensers can be found where food is offered at other places as well. I thought that was very reasonable, and I liked it, too.


Leaving Italian port of Civitavecchia north west of Italian capital Roma :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Departure Civitavecchia · 09jun2016 2036CEST (N42°06-E011°46)

The Cruise  Day 4 - Friday 10th June 2016 - Napoli / Pompei   07:00am - 08:00pm

On Friday morning, the sun rose up very picturesque near volcano Vesuvio while 'Harmony Of The Seas' was heading east in the Golfo Di Napoli. At 06:00am, the pilot came on board, the ship passed the harbor entrance 15 Minutes later, and at 06:50am, 'Harmony Of The Seas' docked in Napoli.

After breakfast, at 08:15am, a small congestion in front of the forward gangway, guests got through the on-board security in small groups; the 'SeaPass' card readers didn't work this morning, name and stateroom number were recorded manually. Anyway, I was already off the ship after only 10 minutes, and that was by far more quicker than expected. In the Stazione Marittima, staircase up first, then through the hall and finally stairs down again. Big mess outside with countless people, taxis and busses offering tours.

Excursions to Pompei were offered in various kinds by 'Royal Caribbean' of course, but 2 hours stay only seemed to be too less for an interested visitor like me, as I know it from experience by visiting other historic sites. I then stayed more than 3 hours and did not see everything.

Public transport is available in front of the cruise terminal, but I did not find schedule or routing tables. So, I walked to 'Stazione Porta Nolana', a grey concrete bunker. Tickets are available at the desk for €2.60 per route, tickets for the return journey can be purchased at the same time, they must always be stamped before boarding. The 'Circumvesuviana' EAV-train to Sorrento was 10 minutes late and not so funny, but compensated with a spectacular view on Vesuvio and Golfo Di Napoli. At station 'Pompei Scavi Villa Dei Misteri', I got out of the train after a journey of 41 minutes, and it was only a short walk to the main entrance of the archaeological site of Pompei. The entrance fee is €13.00, no long waiting here. Free brochures and maps in different languages are offered at a desk next to the ticket counters.

Returning to the ship from the excursion at 03:00pm through the on-board security was no problem, no long queueing up. I thought, I missed the city center of Napoli and some sights, but since Amalfitana and Capri are on my to travel list, I would someday return to Napoli anyway. The excursion to Pompei was quite exhausting, but the weather remained fine for photography nearly all the time.

In the afternoon, a sunbath on deck, and I had a snack at the 'Mini Bites'. The sun set behind the mountains, and at 08:20pm, 'Harmony Of The Seas' pushed herself away from the pier in Napoli, just 10 minutes later, she left the harbor, cruising the Golfo Di Napoli again.

The mostly European guests seemed to adapt to the American Way Of Live easily and naturally, everything was easy going and relaxed. Majority here seemed to be people from Spain, followed by Americans, Germans, Brits, big families from India, many people from China, Australia and some from Japan, for example, very internationally, together with crew, actually from everywhere in the world. I though noticed a difference on the last evening in the 'Windjammer', when someone from the staff asked for applause over the public address for the restaurant staff, but nothing happened, even after the same request shortly later in Spanish language, no reaction from the guests. I felt a little bit uncomfortable, Americans would have applauded now; however, I have seen few of them in the 'Windjammer' at all.

Later in the evening, I purchased a 'VOOM Day Pass' for $24.19 including taxes and charges on my smartphone, high speed offshore internet access for 24 hours. 'Royal Caribbean' promotes VOOM as the fastest internet at sea. Indeed, internet access by VOOM via WLAN / WiFi on my smartphone was very fast and worked like a charm everywhere on the ship anytime.

And at midnight, I eventually visited the famous 'Aqua Show' 'The Fine Line'. It was oversubscribed nearly every evening, but there was always some space for people who did not get a seat reservation. The show received standing ovations and was really a great experience!


'Harmony Of The Seas' is in Golfo Di Napoli and the sun rises above volcano Vesuvio :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Arrival Napoli · 10jun2016 0550CEST (N40°44-E014°12)

Arrival in Italian city of Napoli :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Arrival Napoli · 10jun2016 0608CEST (N40°49-E014°18)
The volcano Vesuvio early in the morning seen from the starboard bridge wing :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Arrival Napoli · 10jun2016 0622CEST (N40°50-E014°16)

Departure from Napoli after the sun set behind the mountains :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Departure Napoli · 10jun2016 2029CEST (N40°50-E014°17)
Last view on volcano Vesuvio :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Departure Napoli · 10jun2016 2047CEST (N40°45-E014°14)

Isola Di Ischia behind Isola Di Procida left of small Monte Di Procida in the middle :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Departure Napoli · 10jun2016 2048CEST (N40°45-E014°14)
Dusk along the coast :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Departure Napoli · 10jun2016 2059CEST (N40°43-E014°11)

Far in the south and darkness appears the Isola Di Capri :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Departure Napoli · 10jun2016 2103CEST (N40°42-E014°10)
Isola Di Ischia surrounded by the last daylight :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Departure Napoli · 10jun2016 2118CEST (N40°40-E014°05)

The Cruise  Day 5 - Saturday 11th June 2016 - Sea Day

At 08:30am, Italian island of Sardegna was in sight, and there was mobile LTE internet connection from land again. The ship sailed towards a wall of fog, sailed in, out, and then towards another one. The fog horn blew again and again, the only situation I heard it, since there was no farewell blowing in the harbors. In the north, French island of Corse was in sight. It was cold and very windy. Sometimes a sail boat or motor yacht crossed the course of 'Harmony Of The Seas', small sandy bays on the island of Sardegna, dream destinations so close.

Since this morning, my VOOM internet access did not work anymore. I talked to the guy at the VOOM desk on the 'Royal Promenade' - no waiting time here. He solved the problem within a minute.

Sea days were full of activities, many pools and spa's with live TV for the soccer addicts here in Europe. Wide variety of sports activities, spacious gym and wellness area as well as other locations on the aft deck for example, like mini golf, basketball, soccer, table tennis, and 2 FlowRider surf simulators next to the black devil anglerfish, the entrance of the 'Ultimate Abyss' dry slides. There is a great and long running track around the ship on the boat deck. But sometimes, I was just sitting on my balcony and enjoyed the sounds and sights of the sea.

Shortly before midday, at 11:30am, the ship turned and stopped, another helicopter rescue operation again, but 'Harmony Of The Seas' continued her journey just 40 minutes later. On the 'Boardwalk', crewmembers walked a parade by the applause of guests, previously, there had been an audience with the captain in the 'Aqua Theater'.

On Saturday afternoon, the weather worsened again, it was cold and it even rained a little bit, but in the evening, the sun was shining again, and it is still high in the sky here, it was warmer again. I was sitting on the deck, the captain walked by, accompanied by another crew member, and we greeted each other. I've seen him several times on this huge ship with about 8000 people on board, he was not hiding out anyway.

Information about the check out procedure and an envelope for any additional tip for the cabin steward was delivered to my stateroom on the last day. Later in the evening on my balcony, I saw the conjunction of Moon and the biggest planet Jupiter on the biggest cruise ship in the world.


A wall of fog in the Strait Of Bonifacio :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Strait Of Bonifacio · 11jun2016 0902CEST (N41°22-E009°26)
French island of Corse and some small islands ahead :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Corse · 11jun2016 0921CEST (N41°20-E009°19)

Caribbean feeling with small bays and sandy beaches in the north of Italian island of Sardegna :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Sardegna · 11jun2016 0941CEST (N41°17-E009°13)
The last evening with a sunset behind the clouds :
Cruise · Harmony Of The Seas · Sunset · 11jun2016 2100CEST (N41°17-E005°15)

The conjunction of Moon and the biggest planet Jupiter on the biggest cruise ship :
Astronomic · Moon Jupiter · Harmony Of The Seas · 11jun2016 2315CEST (N41°16-E004°20)

The Cruise  Day 6 - Sunday 12th June 2016 - Barcelona   06:00am - ...

Very early in the morning, 'Harmony Of The Seas' passed the harbor entrance at 04:30am, and docked at Barcelona 'Moll Adossat Cruise Terminal B' 30 minutes later. The sky was grey, generally, the weather was much worse than in the same past years season's and the region of the Western Mediterranean.

I left my stateroom on 'Harmony Of The Seas' at 07:35am, and 10 minutes later, I already sat in a taxi. I did not put my baggage to the corridor in the evening before. For early travelers, 'Royal Caribbean' leaves the option to carry the baggage off board on their own. There was no waiting or long queueing up anywhere, thus, disembarkation was even faster than the embarkation. From my stateroom to the airport of Barcelona with taxi and bus via Plaça De Catalunya, I needed just 60 minutes! The departure of my flight delayed more and more, I was annoyed about the delay increasingly, too, because I left 'Harmony Of The Seas' without a last breakfast.

Barcelona! This fascinating and proud Catalán metropolis is more than the famous 'Sagrada Família', still under construction since 1882, where architect Antoni Gaudí is buried in the crypt. The man who influenced the cityscape with 'Parc Güell', 'Casa Milà', and even the bench street lights along Passeig De Gràcia. Broad and clean grand boulevards and architectural landmarks at almost every street corner. By far more Catalán flags than Spanish one's in this self-confident, wonderful and obviously wealthy Catalán capital. One week later, I returned to Barcelona for making good photos of the ship on a harbor cruise with 'Las Golondrinas', for enjoying the weather and the wonderful city.


Conclusion  Harmony Of The Seas  '5 Nights Western Mediterranean'  1200nm

Crew and staff was always friendly, nurturing, took care of everything, but not in an intrusive way. If I mentioned a problem, which happened only 2 times, it was solved immediately to my satisfaction. American way of communication and dealing with things was normal here, with salutation by first name and 'Sir', which might be unusual in the eyes of a German traveler, but the American way is absolutely no problem for me. Sometimes, I've heard the Spanish ¡Hola!, but I'm familiar with it, too.

Dining, well, did not want to spent - or should I say waste - too much time with extended dinner sessions, especially when there was a beautiful sunset to see on deck, I also prefer to stay casual and not to dress up. I Did not visit the main dining room therefore, but did not miss anything at the 'Windjammer' buffet restaurant though. Almost no waiting or congestion here, always free seating. I was a little bit shocked about the plastic table ware at the very first, but service was always attentive, waiters offered to bring something if they felt I could miss it, even head restaurant staff was walking around with tablets, serving pastries sometimes. Offered cuisine was by far more diverse and versatile than ever expected, nearly everything was fine and tasted well. Good selection of free beverages, guests could find something even for their special nutritional needs, and of course, German travelers found their beloved Brötchen here, German dough rolls. Snacks were available everywhere, all day long, on 'Boardwalk', 'Royal Promenade' and on the pool deck, in fact, I could eat and drink 24/7, complimentary!

Shopping, a variety of luxury shops, but I found none to get some everyday things or some sort of duty free, maybe I did not search good enough. The 'Royal Gift Shop' appeared as being too small and did not offer shirts for taller guys like me. There is also a travel agency where guests can book their next cruise, I was offered a discount.

From my observation, ship is kid friendly, I also saw people in wheel chairs and with rollators. Although it was sold out already weeks before departure, I never felt being together with 8000 others on this floating metropolis, not even at the security drill, where have they all been all the time?

Thank you 'Royal Caribbean', for making this a great cruise with memories for a lifetime on an extraordinary and great ship that sets new standards, 'Harmony Of The Seas'!


Harmony Of The Seas  Extérieur
View on 'Central Park' in the middle of the ship :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 08jun2016 1151CEST (Exterieur)

View on 'Boardwalk' and the 'Aqua Theater' with 'Ultimate Abyss' dry slides :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 08jun2016 1255CEST (Exterieur)

View on pool deck with 'Perfect Storm Waterslides' and 'Central Park' in the middle :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 08jun2016 1732CEST (Exterieur)
The 600 seat 'Aqua Theater' with 'Rock Climbing Wall' and 'Royal Caribbean's 'Crown & Anchor' :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 08jun2016 1924CEST (Exterieur)

View on aft staircase atrium with big funnels and satellite antennas :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 08jun2016 2117CEST (Exterieur)

The 'Solarium' above and behind bridge at night :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 08jun2016 2232CEST (Exterieur)
Well illuminated pool area at night :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 08jun2016 2238CEST (Exterieur)

The 'Ultimate Abyss' entrance in the throat of the black devil anglerfish :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 11jun2016 2113CEST (Exterieur)
View on forward staircase atrium with 'Perfect Storm Waterslides' and 'Central Park' in the middle :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 08jun2016 2240CEST (Exterieur)

All plants and trees in the 'Central Park' are real and alive :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 11jun2016 2337CEST (Exterieur)

'Aqua Theater' with great show 'The Fine Line' :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 11jun2016 2358CEST (Exterieur)

Harmony Of The Seas  Intérieur
View through forward staircase atrium on 'Royal Promenade' to aft :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 09jun2016 1036CEST (Interieur)

View up forward staircase atrium at 1400 seat 'Royal Theater' entrance :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 09jun2016 1044CEST (Interieur)

View on 'Royal Promenade' through the just elevated 'Rising Tide Bar' :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 09jun2016 1109CEST (Interieur)
The 'Royal Promenade' with bars and restaurants :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 09jun2016 1052CEST (Interieur)

View up aft staircase atrium at 'Boardwalk' entrance :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 09jun2016 1123CEST (Interieur)

Long corridors on a long ship :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 07jun2016 2245CEST (Interieur)

Harmony Of The Seas  Stateroom

My 'D6 Superior Ocean View Stateroom With Balcony' #176 on deck 10 on the port side had a king size double bed, bedside tables, couch, 2 closets, commode, table and chair, big mirror, a small safe for valuables, minibar stocked with water and refreshment drinks, a telephone and sockets for US and EU plugs, as well as USB sockets to charge electronic devices. Bathroom with shower and gel dispenser, toilet, big mirror, small washbasin, towels, flannels and toiletries. Appearance was well cared and clean, except for the balcony glasses, since the ship apparently must have passed through really bad weather at anytime in the past. I slept well on the bed, stateroom was quiet, no annoying loud speaker announcements. Cabin steward Fitzroy from Jamaica was friendly and took care. The usually 6-page and closely printed daily planner 'Cruise Compass' with all necessary information was delivered to the stateroom every day. The interactive and multilingual TV with OSD for different services on board, including room service, on-board accounting and general information, also offered TV programs in several different languages, including German. Security information on the stateroom door, which opened outwards to the corridor, as well as a please-do-not-disturb door magnet. Next to the door an air conditioner thermostat, the air condition turned off when the balcony door was open, by the way. The big balcony was equipped with a small table and 2 sunchairs, each with foldable backrest. Pool towels were available for free at the pools during day time.

Written translations into German language appeared anything between funny and surprising to me. When cabin steward Fitzroy delivered the German version of the 'Cruise Compass' to the stateroom for day 2, I asked him for the original English version in the future, and I received it every other day then.

The 'RoyalIQ' app is available for guests with smartphone or tablet on cruises with 'Harmony Of The Seas', but the same features are offered to guests on the 'Royal Promenade' and elsewhere at many small terminals, too. The user can - for example - book excursions, make table- and show reservations, as well as monitor on-board expense accounting with the 'RoyalIQ' app. I logged in my device without problems, and browsed through the daily program of events.


'D6 Superior Ocean View Stateroom With Balcony' #176 on deck 10 on the port side :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 07jun2016 1330CEST (Stateroom10176)

182ft² (16.90m²) stateroom with private bathroom and 50ft² (4.65m²) balcony suitable for 2 guests :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 11jun2016 1057CEST (Stateroom10176)
Cruise route displayed on TV screen in stateroom :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 12jun2016 0730CEST (Stateroom10176)

Harmony Of The Seas  Photos
Back in Barcelona for vessel spotting :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 19jun2016 1653CEST (Barcelona)

Best weather contrary to arrival day :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 19jun2016 1656CEST (Barcelona)
Close up with 'Harmony Of The Seas' from 'Las Golondrinas' harbor cruise in Barcelona :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 19jun2016 1706CEST (Barcelona)

Royal Caribbean's 'Harmony Of The Seas' is registered in Nassau Bahamas :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 03jul2016 1706CEST (Barcelona)
'Harmony Of The Seas' is the 3rd and slightly bigger ship of the 'Oasis Class' :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 03jul2016 1654CEST (Barcelona Exterieur)

The 'Ultimate Abyss' slides go 10 decks down from the black devil anglerfish to the 'Boardwalk' :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 03jul2016 1658CEST (Barcelona Exterieur)
'Crown & Anchor' on big funnels with satellite antennas and 'Loft Suites' with 'Windjammer' below :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 03jul2016 1658CEST (Barcelona Exterieur)

The innovative split superstructures concept allows a quota of more than 70% balcony staterooms :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 03jul2016 1706CEST (Barcelona Exterieur)

'Harmony Of The Seas' is huge but still elegant in a futuristic way :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 03jul2016 1708CEST (Barcelona Exterieur)

'Harmony Of The Seas' has 18 Fassmer SEL15.5 lifeboats with a capacity of each 370 persons :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 03jul2016 1708CEST (Barcelona Exterieur)
My balcony stateroom #10176 on 'Harmony Of The Seas' :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 03jul2016 1656CEST (Barcelona Exterieur)

'Harmony Of The Seas's beam is 155.5ft (47.42m) at hull to 218ft (66.45m) for superstructures :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 04jul2016 0718CEST (Palma De Mallorca)
With the first sunlight 'Harmony Of The Seas' arrives at Palma De Mallorca early in the morning :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 04jul2016 0719CEST (Palma De Mallorca)

Sea promenade at Palma De Mallorca allows 90°-photography of the 1188ft (362.12m) long vessel :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 20jun2016 0714CEST (Palma De Mallorca)
'Harmony Of The Seas' is 236ft (71.93m) high from waterline :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 04jul2016 0726CEST (Palma De Mallorca)

Spotting 'Harmony Of The Seas' at Moll Dic De L'Oest leaving Palma De Mallorca in the afternoon :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 04jul2016 1621CEST (Palma De Mallorca)
There she sails away - 'Harmony Of The Seas' the biggest cruise ship in the world :
Harmony Of The Seas · IMO9682875 · 20jun2016 1626CEST (Palma De Mallorca)

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