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Cruise · 2018 · Costa Crociere's  Costa Pacifica

Savona - Marseille - Arrecife - Tenerife - Funchal - Málaga - Civitavecchia - Savona

   Costa Crociere's  Costa Pacifica  is 'The Sea In Music' !

'Costa Pacifica' in Kiel :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 07jun2019 1821CEST (Kiel)

Costa Pacifica  The Ship
  • IMO 9378498
  • MMSI 247258100
  • Call Sign ICJA
  • Registered in Genova ⁄ Italia
  • First Cruise 05 June 2009
  • Passenger Beds 3780
  • Staterooms 1504
  • Crew 1100
  • Crew ⁄ Stateroom 0.73
  • GT 114425
  • GT ⁄ Stateroom 76.1
  • Length 950ft / 289.59m
  • Beam 116.5ft / 35.50m
  • Beam Superstructures ~138ft / ~42.00m
  • Draft 27.2ft / 8.30m
  • Height ~202ft / ~61.50m ( a.s.l.)
  • Engine Power 75.6MW
  • Speed 23.0kts
  • 5 Restaurants
  • 13 Clubs & Bars
  • Shopping Center
  • Theater 1343 Seats
  • Discotheque
  • Casino
  • Library
  • 4 Pools
  • Multipurpose Sports Pitch
  • Grand Prix Race Car Simulator
  • Fitness Center
  • Wellness Center
  • Jogging Track
  • Kids Club
Data Sources: Costa Cruises / MT / Wikipedia

'Costa Pacifica' is one of the 15 ships currently operated by 'Costa Crociere', the Italian shipping company founded in 1854. Her theme is 'Music', and thus, the ship is decorated with lots of musical symbols and pictures. 'Costa Pacifica' is a classic cruise liner, 10 years old, with a more traditional form, compared to newer ships. She was built in Sestri Ponente near Genova, and was floated out of her Fincantieri dry dock on 27th June 2008 at 11:30. 'Costa Pacifica' was simultaneously christened with another cruise ship from 'Costa Crociere'. The language spoken on board is Italian, but since guests are from many European countries, other languages are frequently spoken as well.


Booking - 11 Nights  'Canary Islands'  with  Costa Pacifica

I booked the cruise with 'Costa Pacifica' 1 month before departure online on the website of 'Costa Crociere'. It was a special last minute offer without a free selection of the stateroom. The booking was confirmed 1 day later, I had to pay the total fare at the same time and made a money transfer at my bank. I completed the manifest online at 'MyCosta' at the same time, where the passenger can also see payment status, a cruise countdown, as well as some offers for excursions, beverage packages and the like. The money transfer was indicated as received at 'MyCosta' 4 days later and the stateroom assigned to me further 2 days later. 19 days before departure, I received the travel documents by eMail. 5 days before departure, I purchased the beverage package 'Pranzo & Cena' and an internet package online at 'MyCosta'.


The Cruise  Day 1 - Wednesday 17th October 2018 - Savona   ... - 04:30pm

I arrived in Savona on the evening before the cruise, the weather was bad. On the departure day - it still was -, I proceeded the few meters from my hotel to the 'Palacrociere' terminal in Savona, presented my 'Boarding Form' and passport to a man at the terminal gate and went across the piazza to the baggage claim. My baggage tag from the cruise documents was attached to my rolling suitcase, which then vanished in the terminal, and right next to the baggage claim, a woman began to talk to me in German language - how could she know that I am from Germany -, handed me out a card with the 'Progressive Embarkation Number' 5 and informed me about the CheckIn procedure which was due to begin at 12:00pm. I went up the escalator to the terminal hall with snack bar, restrooms and information desks. Until now, the whole procedure did not even take 5 minutes, but I had to wait for more than an hour until the CheckIn would begin for me, while the terminal hall was populated with cruise guests. Screens gave various information in pictures, comprehensive whatever language is spoken. Electronic devices should be turned off before they would be put into the safe, for example. Women were walking through the seating lines to promote wellness offers as well as beverage packages, and a first announcement over the loudspeakers informed about the start of the embarkation procedure in Italian, German, English and French language, Spanish sometimes, in this order.

The embarkation started at 12:04pm by calling guests having 'Progressive Embarkation Number' card 1, and so on. My card asked me to have my 'Boarding Form', passport and cruise ticket at hand; the ticket was then not necessary at all, by the way. At 12:48pm, my number 5 was called, and I proceeded to the passport control at 'Imbarco Ovest A', where I passed the check - very friendly and multilingual staff was there - followed by the security, the photo wall, where the photographers really tried their very best to take a photo - just one - of me, and a last check in front of the gangway, where my 'Boarding Form' was collected and a photo of me was shot quickly for the security. At 01:04pm, I entered 'Costa Pacifica' on Ponte 3 Mood and proceeded to my stateroom #424 on Ponte 8 Ludwig port side of the ship, where I arrived just 4 minutes later. The door was open, my baggage already delivered, but the room was not ready. Rooms were scheduled to be ready at 02:30pm, and after I had introduced myself to Karen, the stewardess, I took my 'Carta Costa', the boarding card, and went for lunch to the 'Ristorante Buffet La Paloma' on Ponte 9 Azzurro, no problem to find free tables, there is also the upper area of the buffet restaurant - in the evenings the 'Pizzeria Pummid'oro', one deck higher on Ponte 10 Satie, accessible by stairs. As expected, the lunch and patisserie offers were very good, but choice a little bit limited.

At 02:30pm, an announcement declared the staterooms to be ready in Italian, English, German and French language. At 03:23pm, I approached one of the credit card registration terminals at the entrance to the 'Grand Bar Rhapsody' on Ponte 5 Swing, swiped my 'Carta Costa' through the device, inserted my credit card into the slot beyond the keyboard, typed the PIN thereafter, eventually had to sign on the screen with the pen attached to the device and pushed the OK button on the screen. It took a while until the screen displayed the message that the registration was successful.

Karen appeared at my stateroom just 50 minutes before scheduled departure, asking for everything to be ok and to unlock the minibar. She collected the small room cleaning form, but not before I had signed it. The cruise guests can choose between morning or evening cleaning of the stateroom, or even the twice daily cleaning.

An announcement for the security drill was made at 03:49pm. It began for all passengers boarded in Savona some few minutes later with the loud signal on Ponte 4 Groove, where my presence was registered by scanning my 'Carta Costa' with a kind of smartphone right in front of the life boat row. I had to bring a life vest from my stateroom. The event was held trilingual in Italian, English and German language and finished at 04:17pm, followed by an announcement in Italian by the captain Paolo Viscafè, and in English, French, German, Russian and Spanish language by other staff in the name of the captain, giving information about the first leg of the cruise to Marseille with some few and not so good meteorological details.

Grand 'Costa Pacifica' set away from the pier at 04:42pm, with the typhoon blowing and the departure theme "Con Te Partiro", the Italian version of "Time To Say Goodbye". Dozens of sea gulls circled around 'Costa Pacifica', and it took a while until the ship turned after sailing backwards out of the harbor about 25 minutes after departure. A strong and cool wind blew down the mountains from north east, foam caps on the sea and a cloud covered sky, no reason for cruise enthusiasm. Land based LTE mobile internet access was available until about 07:15pm with interruptions.

In order to get access to my 'Spese Di Bordo', I activated WiFi / WLAN on my smartphone and navigated to 'onboardportal-pacifica.costa.it'. Various services were available in 9 different languages, the 'Diario Di Bordo' for example, downloadable as PDF. I first had to register with my 'Carta Costa' number and birth date. I then had access to my personal information, board account, as well as for purchasing or activating a pre ordered internet package for example. Logging in to the internet was also possible from 'icafe.pacifica.costa.it', bandwidth usage was shown at log in and log out. The guest can otherwise use some so called 'Totem's, interactive screens, on board for booking excursions, making table and wellness reservations, as well as to monitor on-board expense accounting, and much more.


The Cruise  Day 2 - Thursday 18th October 2018 - Marseille   08:00am - 05:00pm

Bella 'Costa Pacifica' entered the harbor of Marseille at 07:15am after a calm night and docked 40 minutes later near 'Marseille Cruise Terminal A'. An announcement at 08:13am informed about the gangways to be open. 'Costa Crociere' offered a shuttle bus to the city center of Marseille for €10.95 return ticket, average waiting time would be approximately 45 minutes. There was also the free shuttle bus 'Navettes Croisières', offered by the port, which I took on my last cruise to Marseille. It goes every 20 to 40 minutes to the stop in the city center of Marseille, which is actually located within the harbor area at some sort of a backyard. The passageway is at a small gate with check point near the public bus stop 'Terrasses Du Port' opposite of the German consulate, diagonally across from Place De La Joliette.

The weather was not suitable for photography, and since this was my fourth visit to Marseille this year, I did not go ashore. I would have loved to get back once again to Marseille and enjoy the beautiful city and its atmosphere, but without sun and blue sky, it is not so nice.

About 2 months earlier, I visited Marseille at best possible weather for 2 days and got a deeper insight to the city. Besides the touristic hot spots, I saw way too many Art Nouveau buildings in a very bad shape, with shutters ready to be used as firewood, urgently needing a renovation, a morbid charm, and some areas of downtown Marseille were really not looking good. The city is a melting pot like Hamburg with masses of Afriques and Beur. My emotions varied from being disappointed via shocked and deeply worried to being very moved in a positive way. Marseille is the partnership city of my hometown Hamburg for 60 years, and I began to wonder what is up with Marseille or even France. I always attentively followed the news from France, but did not expect to find Marseille in this shape. I eventually decided to focus on the good things, the many architecturally stunning buildings, new and renovated historic ones, the great Vieux Port, with all the boats and restaurants, the mundane and also relaxed charm of the city, the very friendly and open people; and in the evening before my departure day, I sat at 'Palais Du Pharo', watched the city in the evening sun and found it very great and beautiful indeed; a conciliatory finish of my visit to Marseille, the 2600 years old town, known as 'Massilia' to the ancient Romans.

At 05:08pm, 'Costa Pacifica' pushed herself away from the pier and left the harbor of Marseille 8 minutes later, turning south west. Land based LTE internet access was available until about 06:00pm. The sunset, well, first I was wondering whether this was a sunset at all, or whether it can be dumped, but it got then very colorful in the end. Later in the evening, loud music and dance in the 'Atrio Welcome', it sounded all the decks up the atrium, and a big crowd, masses of cruise guests in the public areas on Ponte 5 Swing having a good time.


Panoramic view on Marseille with 'Cathédrale De La Major' and 'Fort Saint Jean' in August :
Marseille Panorama · 15aug2018 1833CEST (Marseille)
Panoramic view on Marseille with Vieux Port in August :
Marseille Panorama Vieux Port · 15aug2018 1804CEST (Marseille)
First and very colorful sunset on this cruise :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Sunset · 18oct2018 1842CEST (N43°03-E004°56)

The Cruise  Day 3 - Friday 19th October 2018 - Sea Day

A thunder storm was roaring in the middle of the night, 'Costa Pacifica' was rolling. Later in the morning, a small bird landed on the railing of my balcony, and another one flew around at the port side of the ship, maybe a couple on a cruise. Ibiza was in sight in the south east, but too far away for land based LTE internet access. When I later sat on my balcony, one of the birds, I recognized it as a finch, landed on the railing but just flew away again. At the 'Lido Calypso' main pool area on Ponte 9 Azzurro, an exotic bird was catched inside under the magrodome, flying around in the noisy hall. 'Sabor De España' with paella, churros and other specialties from Spain was celebrated at the 'Lido Calypso', it was very crowded, and I only got something to drink and retreated back to my balcony, but surprise, a robin sat on the railing. The ship was a floating bird cage.

For Lunch in the 'Ristorante Buffet La Paloma', a wide variation of hot and cold foodstuffs as well as very delicious things from the patisserie was offered; the lemon cake reminded me instantly to Bella Italia, the famous Costiera Amalfitana and Cinque Terre. The coast of Spain was in sight at 01:30pm, with the hotel towers of Benidorm, while the cloud cover suddenly lifted. It was an unexpectedly sunny afternoon then, which I spent on deck, taking a sunbath. The evening granted the first good sunset on this cruise, while 'Costa Pacifica' was heading west towards the Strait Of Gibraltar.


Cruising along the coast of Spain with Cabo De Palos La Manga :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Cabo De Palos La Manga · 19oct2018 1604CEST (N37°38-W000°31)
Another wonderful sunset :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Sunset · 19oct2018 1916CEST (N36°55-W001°29)
Sunset behind Sierra Nevada :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Sunset · 19oct2018 1920CEST (N36°54-W001°30)

The Cruise  Day 4 - Saturday 20th October 2018 - Sea Day

The time zone was changed on 'Costa Pacifica' in the night from CEST to WEST; all times given in this report are local times. I got up way too early for taking a look on Gibraltar. The ship passed the British territory at 04:45am, the silhouette of the famous rock was well recognizable in the darkness. Land based LTE internet access was available until about 06:30am. The morning was cloudy, but the cloud cover lifted at noon and it then was a very sunny afternoon with astonishingly clear blue sky. I spent this sea day with relaxing in the sun, eating and drinking and enjoying the sea. The sunset was unique, and a little bit too late in the evening, a roaring birthday party; 'Costa Crociere' celebrated its 70th anniversary. A big buffet with stunning fruit carvings and delicious things from the patisserie was set up in the 'Lido Calypso' on Ponte 9 Azzurro. The party with dance and loud live music went deep into the night and was also shown live on the TV in the stateroom.


Nocturnal view on Gibraltar :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Gibraltar · 20oct2018 0531CEST (N36°02-W005°18)
Maritime sunset scene :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Sunset · 20oct2018 1843WEST (N33°09-W009°21)
The sun touches the horizon :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Sunset · 20oct2018 1855WEST (N33°06-W009°24)
Very colorful sunset between clouds :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Sunset · 20oct2018 1859WEST (N33°05-W009°25)

The Cruise  Day 5 - Sunday 21st October 2018 - Arrecife   01:00pm - 07:00pm

Spanish island of Lanzarote was in sight at 09:30am, land based LTE internet access was available from 11:15am, while 'Costa Pacifica' cruised alongside the east coast of the island at very good weather. She eventually entered the harbor of Arrecife at 12:09pm, docked 15 minutes later at Arrecife Cruise Pier, and first cruise guests walked off the ship at 12:37pm, followed by the multilingual as usual announcement about the gangways to be open. The 'Diario Di Bordo' said that the distance to the city center of Arrecife would be 3.0kms, it was then only 1.8kms and less than 30 minutes of leisurely walking. A shuttle bus service to Calle Juan De Quesada in downtown Arrecife was offered by 'Costa Crociere' for €6.00 return ticket.

The magrodomes at 'Lido Calypso' and 'Lido Ipanema' on Ponte 9 Azzurro were open meanwhile, and after a sunbath, I left 'Costa Pacifica' at 03:07pm from Ponte 0 Prelude, forward gangway. Markings on the way directed to the city center out of the harbor area. I walked with sunshine and blue sky along the marina with its shops and restaurants, through new small parks with red and black pumice gravel. I picked some up to feel how light they were. Most shops were closed on this Sunday in Arrecife, and the city was a little bit abandoned. I first visited the 'Iglesia De San Ginés De Clermont' and walked over to the 'Castillo De San Gabriel'. Everything was in walkable distance. Clouds moved over the city, and a big ugly haze from Africa, so I returned to the ship at 06:24pm and was back on board quickly through the checks.

Grande 'Costa Pacifica' pushed herself away from the pier at 06:51pm, sailed backwards out of the harbor, turned and left Arrecife with a wonderful sunset far at the mountains. I sat on my balcony after dinner, and it was so pleasantly warm, with the moon reflecting glisteningly on the sea in the Strait Of Bocaina. Land based LTE internet access was available until about 10:40pm.


First view on Lanzarote :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Lanzarote · 21oct2018 1017WEST (N29°13-W013°10)
View along the coast of Lanzarote :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Lanzarote · 21oct2018 1115WEST (N28°59-W013°24)
Volcanic landscape of Lanzarote :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Lanzarote · 21oct2018 1155WEST (N28°56-W013°32)
First view on Arrecife :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Arrival Arrecife · 21oct2018 1203WEST (N28°57-W013°32)
Arrival at Arrecife :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Arrival Arrecife · 21oct2018 1211WEST (N28°58-W013°32)
Departure from Arrecife :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Departure Arrecife · 21oct2018 1913WEST (N28°57-W013°32)
Last view on illuminated Arrecife after sunset :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Departure Arrecife · 21oct2018 1932WEST (N28°55-W013°32)
View along Lanzarote with Fuerteventura in the background :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Fuerteventura Lanzarote · 21oct2018 1933WEST (N28°55-W013°32)

The Cruise  Day 6 - Monday 22nd October 2018 - Santa Cruz De Tenerife   08:00am - 05:00pm

I woke up by vibrations shortly before 'Costa Pacifica' entered the harbor of Santa Cruz De Tenerife at 07:08am. The ship turned and sailed backwards to the 'Terminal De Cruceros De Tenerife', where it berthed at 07:46am. First passengers left the ship at 08:00am, followed by a multilingual announcement some minutes later. A security drill for the crew held them all busy for the entire morning, but access to staterooms and public areas was free for the cruise guests. The paint works that started the day before here and there on deck were continued with smelling paint and some closed deck areas. Unfortunately, the haze from Africa had moved together with clouds westwards in the night and covered the eastern Islas Canarias including Gran Canaria now. The coasts of the big island were in sight from Santa Cruz De Tenerife, but the top of the Pico De Las Nieves was hidden behind clouds.

I left 'Costa Pacifica' at 12:27pm for a short visit of Santa Cruz De Tenerife from Ponte 0 Prelude, forward gangway. I had been there the month before on another cruise and just walked a little bit around, took a look at the 'Iglesia Parroquial De San Francisco' , walked up the shopping street Calle Del Castillo to Plaza Weyler and eventually to the 'Iglesia De Nuestra Señora De La Concepción'. Clouds covered the city meanwhile and I decided to go back to the ship, where I arrived at 02:00pm. Checks went quickly, I had lunch and relaxed a little bit on deck. The magrodomes at 'Lido Calypso' and 'Lido Ipanema' on Ponte 9 Azzurro were closed before departure and I haven't seen the birds anymore.

Punctually at 05:00pm, 'Costa Pacifica' set away from the pier and sailed out of the harbor of Santa Cruz De Tenerife, while the sky was still cloudy. The departure theme "Con Te Partiro" sounded down from the pool deck to my balcony and the typhoon blew 3 times thereafter. 'Costa Pacifica' left the harbor of Santa Cruz De Tenerife at 05:20pm. Land based LTE internet access was available until about 07:00pm, with interruptions while the ship was cruising around the northernmost area of Tenerife. The scenery was looking dramatically with the steep volcanic cliffs of the island, the dark blue clouds unloading rain on the north side, the sun shining behind it and the silhouette of Gran Canaria in the east. I sat on the aft deck and enjoyed traveling by sea, it was still quite warm. Light rain set in, while the sun tried to look out of the clouds, only some small drops, and the silhouette of Gran Canaria began to vanish in the south east. I eventually was granted a very stunning, nearly magic view, with the great sunset and the Pico De Teide, the highest mountain of Spain, appearing far away with a cloud free peak. I sat on my balcony for a while after dinner and enjoyed the warmth, hoping for better weather at the next destination of the cruise.


After departure from Tenerife :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Tenerife · 22oct2018 1741WEST (N28°28-W016°08)
The northern coast of Tenerife :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Tenerife · 22oct2018 1815WEST (N28°37-W016°04)
Leaving Tenerife with view on La Palma far away :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Tenerife La Palma · 22oct2018 1901WEST (N28°51-W016°07)
View on sunset between clouds :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Sunset · 22oct2018 1917WEST (N28°56-W016°08)
Last panoramic view on Tenerife :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Tenerife · 22oct2018 1924WEST (N28°59-W016°09)
Focus on the highest mountain of Spain named Teide on the island of Tenerife :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Tenerife Teide · 22oct2018 1928WEST (N29°00-W016°09)

The Cruise  Day 7 - Tuesday 23rd October 2018 - Funchal   08:00am - 05:00pm

My hopes for better weather were fulfilling. Early in the morning, 'Costa Pacifica' turned in front of the harbor entrance of Funchal and berthed right next to it at the end of the long jetty. It was 07:50am and the announcement about the open gangways was made 24 minutes later. There were some clouds over the mountain peaks and far away over the Atlantic, but Funchal itself remained free of clouds all the day. My balcony was cleaned in the morning without any previous notice, and the paint jobs on deck continued as well.

I left 'Costa Pacifica' at 11:17am from Ponte 1 Notturno, forward gangway, for a walk through the beautiful capital of Madeira; my second visit here after the cruise in the previous month. My original plan was to go by bus to fishing village Câmara De Lobos and even to Miradouro Cabo Girão west of Funchal, but time availability was not so good and there were still clouds in the west. I would have to return to Madeira anyway for a more extended visit, hiking along the famous Levadas and walking on Ponta De São Lourenço for example.

The cruise line offered a shuttle bus service to Avenida Arriaga in the city center of Funchal, ticket cost €6.00 return, but the walk of about 1.8kms to the wonderful 'Parque De Santa Catarina' with 'Estátua De Cristóvão Colombo' and all the many colorful plants and flowers took only 25 minutes; the shuttle bus stop was not far away from the park. Nippy funny small lizards were populating parts of the park, vanishing very quickly into wall gaps. Many colorful strelitzia were cultivated in the park, it is the national flower of Madeira.

My walk continued to the 'Teleférico Do Funchal', a very long queue of waiting cruise guests winded around the building. Eventually, I enjoyed a wonderful passionfruit lemonade, sitting in the sun at the promenade Avenida Do Mar, with so many colorful flowers, plants and even some of them carried big green bananas. The whole city seemed to be a beautiful botanical garden.

I returned to the ship at 02:15pm on Ponte 2 Adagio, central gangway. I would have loved to stay longer and see more of Madeira, but thus, I will return for a longer visit, instead of only some hours with a cruise ship. Colorful 'Costa Pacifica' departed from Funchal at 05:07pm, sailed out of the harbor and turned eastwards, sailing between Ilhas Desertas in the south and Porto Santo in the north. Land based LTE internet access was available until 06:45pm. I sat on the aft deck and watched the sun go deeper over Madeira island, the beautiful flower paradise. It more and more vanished in the golden haze of the deep evening sun, while the neighboring island of Porto Santo moved by.


Banana perennial on Promenade Do Funchal :
Banana Perennial · Promenade Do Funchal · 23oct2018 1321WEST (Funchal)
After departure from Funchal :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Departure Funchal · 23oct2018 1719WEST (N32°38-W016°54)
Last view on Funchal :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Departure Funchal · 23oct2018 1722WEST (N32°38-W016°53)
View along the east coast of Madeira :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Departure Funchal · 23oct2018 1733WEST (N32°36-W016°50)
Panoramic view on Madeira :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Departure Funchal · 23oct2018 1739WEST (N32°36-W016°48)
The east coast of Madeira with airport :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Departure Funchal · 23oct2018 1748WEST (N32°37-W016°45)
Madeira with cliffs of Ponta De São Lourenço :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Madeira Ponta De São Lourenço · 23oct2018 1801WEST (N32°39-W016°40)
The Ilhas Desertas :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Ilhas Desertas · 23oct2018 1802WEST (N32°39-W016°40)
Passing Ilhas Desertas :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Ilhas Desertas · 23oct2018 1814WEST (N32°41-W016°36)
Madeira vanishes on the horizon :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Madeira · 23oct2018 1829WEST (N32°43-W016°31)
View on island of Porto Santo :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Porto Santo · 23oct2018 1851WEST (N32°45-W016°24)
The sun over Madeira :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Sunset · 23oct2018 1909WEST (N32°47-W016°17)
The sun vanishes behind the clouds covering Madeira :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Sunset · 23oct2018 1916WEST (N32°48-W016°15)
After sunset heading the Mediterranean Sea :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Sunset · 23oct2018 1944WEST (N32°51-W016°05)

The Cruise  Day 8 - Wednesday 24th October 2018 - Sea Day

The time zone was changed on board in the night from WEST back to CEST. The sea was slightly rough and 'Costa Pacifica' rolling and pitching a little. Today was 'World Pasta Day, a special event took place at the 'Lido Calypso', delicious pasta smelled 2 decks up to the sun decks and I had the best Pasta Bolognese ever. A tanker crossed the course and the clouds began to vanish after lunch. I spent most of the time on deck, taking a sunbath.

A bird, I did not recognize the species, flew around the port side of the ship the entire afternoon, and when I returned to my stateroom just before dinner at 07:00pm, I was very surprised seeing it on the railing of my balcony. I quickly made a photo with my smartphone, before it turned and flew away. I was wondering why a bird looking like a pilgrim hawk was flying all the way with the ship. In the afternoon, I was already worrying that it could get exhausted from all the flying, since it did not look like a long haul flyer, but watching it on my balcony later made my worries gone.

This sea day was about relaxing, eating and drinking, and it was about enjoying the sea. A cool wind blew on deck during daytime, but it was still warm on my balcony in the evening. I sustainably was a little bit disappointed that I had to leave Madeira again so soon, there was so much left to see and to experience.


Surprisingly a pilgrim hawk rests on my balcony :
Pilgrim Hawk · Costa Pacifica · 24oct2018 1758WEST (N35°20-W008°03)
Last sunset on the Atlantic Ocean :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Sunset · 24oct2018 1839WEST (N35°25-W007°49)

The Cruise  Day 9 - Thursday 25th October 2018 - Málaga   08:00am - 01:00pm

I was asleep, when 'Costa Pacifica' entered the harbor of Málaga at 06:17am, turned and berthed 33 minutes later at 'Terminal De Cruceros De Málaga'. The ship had passed Gibraltar at 02:40 in the night, the rock was visible in the darkness, but not as good as on the passage westwards some days ago.

I left the ship at 10:05am from Ponte 3 Mood near the 'Atrio Welcome' for a short visit of the city. Sunrise was just 90 minutes ago. I had a walk of only about 1.4kms and 20 minutes to downtown along the jetty and the harbor area. The 'Alcazaba De Málaga' was my first sight, I then headed to the 'Museo Casa Natal De Picasso', the birth place of Pablo Picasso, and I also took a look to the 'Basílica Nuestra Señora De La Victoria' and the giant 'Catedral De Santa María De La Encarnación'. The city was populated with tourists and flies, the architecture featured Art Nouveau, traditionally local and modern buildings. Still green citrus fruits hang on trees in the streets.

Unfortunately, I had no time to enjoy Málaga and was back at the terminal just 20 minutes before scheduled departure of the ship. Masses of cruise guests were waiting at the security inside the building, even tour busses still arrived. I was definitely angry about the early departure, which then was late at 01:19pm. 'Costa Pacifica' left the harbor of Málaga 14 minutes later and turned east. The weather was very good all day, with some high haze moving over from Africa in the afternoon. Land based LTE internet access was available until about 05:30pm, 'Costa Pacifica' cruised close to the coast for some hours. Many vessels were on the horizon and a lonely dolphin jumped westwards very close to the ship, astonishing cruise guests on deck.


'Costa Pacifica' departs from Málaga :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Departure Málaga · 25oct2018 1326CEST (N36°42-W004°25)
'Costa Pacifica' left the harbor of Málaga :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Departure Málaga · 25oct2018 1334CEST (N36°42-W004°25)
Downtown Málaga :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Departure Málaga · 25oct2018 1338CEST (N36°41-W004°25)
Panoramic view on Málaga :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Departure Málaga · 25oct2018 1345CEST (N36°40-W004°23)
Last view on Málaga :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Departure Málaga · 25oct2018 1351CEST (N36°40-W004°21)
View along the coast of Andalucía :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Andalucía · 25oct2018 1451CEST (N36°35-W003°58)
The Sierra Nevada with snowy mountain peaks :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Sierra Nevada · 25oct2018 1453CEST (N36°35-W003°57)
Again a sunset behind clouds :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Sunset · 25oct2018 1903CEST (N36°22-W002°08)

The Cruise  Day 10 - Friday 26th October 2018 - Sea Day

A written notice I received on the evening before informed about the water supply interruption during a few hours in the night in the staterooms. Later in the morning, 'Costa Pacifica' passed the 'Parc Nacional De l'Arxipèlag De Cabrera' with its small islands south of Mallorca, the big island itself was a shadow on the horizon for a while. At least 2 birds, that number was later corrected to 5, had chosen to make a cruise, flew around the ship and walked on deck between the sun loungers, but the hawk was gone. Land based LTE internet access was not available when 'Costa Pacifica' cruised along the Baleares. I enjoyed life on board, the sun, eating and drinking, and the last sea day on this cruise was over way too soon. About 2 hours before midnight, 'Costa Pacifica' sailed north of Isola Asinara near Sardegna and then into the Strait Of Bonifacio.


Last sunset on this cruise :
Cruise · Costa Pacifica · Sunset · 26oct2018 1830CEST (N40°38-E006°56)

The Cruise  Day 11 - Saturday 27th October 2018 - Civitavecchia   09:00am - 07:00pm

The smell of a forest fire was in the air, when 'Costa Pacifica' sailed in the Strait Of Bonifacio. Land based LTE internet access was available until about 01:00am.

At 07:40am, 'Costa Pacifica' sailed into the harbor of Civitavecchia, turned and berthed 32 minutes later at Roma Cruise Terminal Pier 25, a fine tuning then took another 9 minutes with the help of tugs.

Needless to say that I would have preferred to go to Roma once again this year, after the 3 times I already had visited La Cittą Eterna, but with so many clouds it is no fun and I did not go ashore. Actually it was stormy, with a strong wind from south west, waves of about 2 to 3 meters high and foam caps, even inside the harbor. Clouds moved over Civitavecchia when I had my last sunbath on this cruise, the sun did not climb very high this late in October, but it was warm and I really enjoyed it for a last time.

I had lunch in the 'Lido Calypso' with a Hamburger and French Fries, and later a last La Merenda on my balcony with warm Churros. The ship was not crowded, many cruise guests were on an excursion to Roma. A possible last beautiful sunset was destroyed by high clouds moving over Civitavecchia from the west.

It was 07:26pm, when 2 tugs tried their best to tow 'Costa Pacifica' away from the pier, while the wind was pushing her against it with a speed of 35kts from south, to the sounds of a last "Con Te Partiro" on this cruise. The ship left the harbor of Civitavecchia at 07:44pm and sailed into the rough sea, instantly beginning to pitch and roll like never before on this cruise. The sky had cleared a little bit and planet Mars showed up high above the horizon in the south. Land based LTE internet access was available until 08:20pm, the public areas were awkwardly empty with 'Costa Pacifica' moving wildly in the rough sea.


The Cruise  Day 12 - Sunday 28th October 2018 - Savona   09:00am - ...

At 00:05am, I put my baggage with a tag 'White D' in front of my stateroom. I would then have a disembarkation time of 09:30am. It was more calm outside meanwhile, and 'Costa Pacifica' did not pitch and roll so heavily like after departure from Civitavecchia. The storm got more wild again in the early morning. Summer time ended in the night, the clocks had been changed from CEST to CET.

At 07:20am, 'Costa Pacifica' stopped in front of the harbor of Savona, she shook and vibrated extremely. Waves up to 2m high made the turn not easy, tugs tried to support the ship in the strong wind. 'Costa Pacifica' eventually entered the harbor at 07:56am, sailing backwards to the terminal. When I left my stateroom at 08:10am, 'Costa Pacifica' was just berthing at the 'Palacrociere' terminal in Savona. It was raining heavily outside and inside, the public areas were overcrowded. I spent some time in the 'Lido Ipanema', waiting for some space in the 'Ristorante Buffet La Paloma' after many cruise guests had left the ship. I was a little bit worried how to get me and my baggage to the Stazione in the rain, a distance of 2kms and about 30 minutes by walking. I left the ship at 11:05am from Ponte 3 Mood 'Atrio Welcome', found my baggage very quickly, left the terminal, walked over the pedestrian bridge to the city center, took a last look on 'Costa Pacifica' and walked to the Stazione. I had to wait for a heavy and long rain shower to be done in the middle of the way. The bad weather made it a little more easier to leave the ship and to accept the end of the very good and mostly sunny and warm cruise.


Conclusion - 11 Nights  'Canary Islands'  with  Costa Pacifica  3635nm

Single traveler on 'Isole Del Sole' cruise with 'Costa Pacifica' from Savona. I chose this cruise to experience 'Costa Crociere', Madeira and Canary Islands with some more sea days again.

Embarkation - The process from arrival at the terminal to my stateroom took about 2 hours, but I was repeatedly addressed in German, my native language. The stateroom was not yet ready at shortly after 01:00pm, but I already could store my hand luggage and grab my board card.

Security Drill - It took less than 30 minutes and was held in Italian, English and German languages shortly before departure; movies in other languages were available on the TV in the stateroom the entire cruise. Cruise guests had to bring life vests from their staterooms.

The Ship - 'Costa Pacifica' is a classic cruise liner, 9 years old, with a more traditional form, compared to newer ships. Interiors featured the theme music, with many colorful symbols and images in warm colors. There were always lots of free sun loungers on the very spacious sun decks, even in quiet areas. The cruise was outsold and the ship appeared crowded sometimes. 'Costa Pacifica' was well maintained and in good shape, given its age. Orientation signs on board were good.

Crew And Staff - The crew was friendly, caring and attentive, always trying to talk to their guests in each their languages, a charming Babylonian language jumble. The stateroom stewardess made a good job and was always open for a small talk.

Dining - There were different theme evenings in the main dining room, but I couldn't find a menu before entering the restaurant, and since I am a buffet type of passenger, generally avoiding long sessions in the main dining rooms, I did not visit the main dining room at all. In the evenings, the 'Ristorante Buffet La Paloma' was open from 07:00pm to 09:00pm, there were queues sometimes, since the buffets are arranged on long bars, not allowing guests to jump. Plastic table ware was used, but the offered food was among the best things on the cruise. Different variations of meat - including very good Bratwurst - and fish, a selection of pasta and different potato and vegetable preparations, very delicious small bites from the patisserie were always offered for lunch and dinner. Other deli was presented at special events at the main pool for example, as well as hamburgers and fries daily from 11:00am to 02:00pm. For 'La Merenda' from 04:00pm to 05:00pm, the restaurant was always very crowded, for good reason, the many different bites were very good; queues at the basket with freshly fried cinnamon rolls. On sea days, the 'Ristorante Buffet La Paloma' was crowded for breakfast; choice and quality was always very good, except for the fluid scrambled eggs. I had the 'Pranzo & Cena' beverage package, since only some beverages for breakfast and 'La Merenda' - coffee, hot chocolate and tea, plus juices for breakfast - were included in the cruise fare. The guest can get beverages at the end of every buffet line in the 'Ristorante Buffet La Paloma' at lunch and dinner, manually served by friendly staff, a full plastic cup with 250ml to 300ml out of cans or bottles. The 'Carta Costa' must be shown or handed over to the staff for paying therefore, any purchased beverage package is noted with its code on the card. Tap water was free, available from dispensers in the 'Ristorante Buffet La Paloma'. Hand disinfection was available at every buffet, but was not taken very seriously by most guests on this cruise. The dress code was casual, long pants were required in the evening.

The Guests - Majority from Italy, followed by cruise guests from German speaking countries. Other remarkable groups were from France, Spain, UK and Eastern Europe. The cruise was like all Europe on one ship. From my observation - I saw people in wheel chairs and with rollators - the ship was very kid friendly, with different kinds of kindergarten like care, plus a dedicated pool and play area. Kids were involved in festivities and had their appearances as special guests.

Shore Excursions - This is something I usually organize on my own. Disembarkation and Embarkation at ports of call was quickly without long waiting. The ship was always very punctual, but harbor stays were short. Guests were not allowed to bring beverages on board, but could walk in with even big bottles sometimes.

Entertainment - The program offered something for everyone, with live music every day, plus the shows in the theater of course. There were also entertainment offers in other languages than Italian. Over all, the program appeared a little bit limited, especially on sea days.

Shopping - Some few shops offered different things, from clothes to gifts, spirits and tobacco, as well as perfumes. There was no intrusive spa promotion on this cruise. The photo area was under renovation, temporarily moved to another location.

Internet - I had purchased the Internet 500mb package, the internet speed was not so good, temporarily overloaded or even unavailable sometimes on sea days.

Disembarkation - Cruise guests were assigned to disembarkation time slots and had to leave their staterooms until 08:00am, spending time until disembarkation with breakfast or waiting in crowded lounges. The baggage was easy to find in the terminal, on-board accounting was correct.

Thank you 'Costa Crociere' for an again wonderful cruise with so good food, charming multilingualism and your warm Italian hospitality on bella 'Costa Pacifica'!


Costa Pacifica  Extérieur
'Costa Pacifica's yellow funnel with the big blue 'C' :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 19oct2018 1825CEST (Exterieur Funnel)
'Costa Pacifica's 'Lido Calypso' magrodome with funnel :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 19oct2018 1830CEST (Exterieur Lido Calypso Magrodome Funnel)
'Lido Calypso' with open magrodome in the dusk :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 21oct2018 1923WEST (Exterieur Lido Calypso Magrodome)
'Lido Calypso' with open magrodome and funnel :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 21oct2018 1927WEST (Exterieur Lido Calypso Magrodome)
View on 'Ponte Feel Good' starboard side :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 24oct2018 1853WEST (Exterieur Ponte Feel Good Starboard)
Nocturnal view forward over deck with full moon :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 24oct2018 1917WEST (Exterieur Lido Calypso Magrodome Mast)
On 'Ponte Volare' with 'Costa Pacifica' bench :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 25oct2018 1850CEST (Exterieur Ponte Volare Bench)
View forward over deck at sunset :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 25oct2018 1857CEST (Exterieur Lido Calypso Magrodome Mast)
View over 'Lido Ipanema's magrodome on fairway :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 25oct2018 1922CEST (Exterieur Lido Ipanema Magrodome Fairway)
On deck of 'Costa Pacifica' after sunset with funnel :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 25oct2018 1940CEST (Exterieur Lido Calypso Magrodome Funnel)
Another view over the deck of 'Costa Pacifica' after sunset with funnel :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 25oct2018 1944CEST (Exterieur Lido Calypso Magrodome Funnel)
View on 'Ponte Volare' sun deck area at dusk :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 25oct2018 1949CEST (Exterieur Ponte Volare)

Costa Pacifica  Intérieur
'Costa Pacifica's 'Ristorante Buffet La Paloma' offers 1298 seats :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 20oct2018 0544CEST (Interieur Ristorante Buffet La Paloma)
'Costa Pacifica's 'Lido Ipanema' with pool and magrodome :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 20oct2018 0549CEST (Interieur Lido Ipanema)
'Costa Pacifica's 'Lido Calypso' at night :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 20oct2018 0554CEST (Interieur Lido Calypso)
'Costa Pacifica's 'Grand Bar Rhapsody' :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 20oct2018 0558CEST (Interieur Grand Bar Rhapsody)
'Costa Pacifica's 'Teatro Stardust' with 1343 seats :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 20oct2018 0604CEST (Interieur Teatro Stardust)
'Costa Pacifica's 'Atrio Welcome' :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 20oct2018 0602CEST (Interieur Atrio Welcome)
Another view on 'Atrio Welcome' :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 20oct2018 0612CEST (Interieur Atrio Welcome)
View up 'Atrio Welcome' :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 20oct2018 0608CEST (Interieur Atrio Welcome)
'Costa Pacifica's 'Gelateria Amarillo' :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 20oct2018 0617CEST (Interieur Gelateria Amarillo)
'Costa Pacifica's 'Piano Bar Rick's :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 20oct2018 0620CEST (Interieur Piano Bar Rick's)
'Costa Pacifica's 'Salone Around The Clock' :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 20oct2018 0621CEST (Interieur Salone Around The Clock)
'Costa Pacifica's 'Sala Da Ballo Wien Wien' :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 20oct2018 0623CEST (Interieur Sala Da Ballo Wien Wien)

Costa Pacifica  Stateroom

My 'BP Premium Balcony Stateroom' #424 on deck 8 port side had a double bed and a couch, convertible to a bed, bedside tables, closets, commode and stool, a safe for valuables, a telephone and a coffee machine. The minibar was filled with different beverages and snacks. Lots of storage was available for clothes and baggage, partially occupied by life vests. There were 2 sockets for EU plugs, one of them behind the TV, which offered many programs in different languages. Bathroom with shower and gel dispenser, big mirror, toilet, washbasin and towels, as well as a clothesline. I slept well on the bed, the stateroom was quiet, besides of some occurrences of moving furniture on the deck above and the loudspeaker announcements on the corridor.

Appearance was nice and clean. The usually 6-page and closely printed daily planner 'Diario Di Bordo' with all necessary information was delivered to the stateroom every day, but was also downloadable as PDF at 'onboardportal-pacifica.costa.it' in different languages. Security information on the stateroom door, as well as a 'Non Disturbare' card to move into the card reader outside the stateroom. The big balcony had a deck overhang of about 1.20m. It was equipped with a small table and 2 chairs, each without foldable backrest. The lockable and heavy door always shut a little bit noisy. Pool towels were stored in the closet.


'BP Premium Balcony Stateroom' #424 on deck 8 on the port side :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 20oct2018 1819CEST (Stateroom5381)
185ft² (17m²) stateroom with private bathroom and 55ft² (5m²) balcony suitable for 2 guests :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 20oct2018 2218CEST (Stateroom5381)

Costa Pacifica  Photos
'Costa Pacifica' leaves Kiel :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 07jun2019 1819CEST (Kiel)
'Costa Pacifica' passes Laboe :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 07jun2019 1823CEST (Kiel)
'Costa Pacifica' is heading Baltic Sea :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 07jun2019 1825CEST (Kiel)
'Costa Pacifica' on the open seas :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 07jun2019 1826CEST (Kiel)
'Costa Pacifica' cruises away :
Costa Pacifica · IMO9378498 · 07jun2019 1828CEST (Kiel)

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