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Cruise · 2018 · Norwegian Cruise Line's  Norwegian Jade

Hamburg - Norway - Hamburg

   Norwegian Cruise Line's  Norwegian Jade  is a 'Jewel Class' ship !

'Norwegian Jade' in Leknes on Lofoten :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 20jul2018 1528CEST (Leknes)

Norwegian Jade  The Ship
  • IMO 9304057
  • MMSI 308416000
  • Call Sign C6WK7
  • Registered in Nassau ⁄ Bahamas
  • First Cruise 22 May 2006
  • Passenger Beds 3590
  • Staterooms 1201
  • Crew 1037
  • Crew ⁄ Stateroom 0.86
  • GT 93558
  • GT ⁄ Stateroom 77.9
  • Length 965ft / 294.13m
  • Beam 105.6ft / 32.20m
  • Beam Superstructures ~125ft / ~38.10m
  • Draft 27.2ft / 8.30m
  • Height ~167ft / ~51.00m ( a.s.l.)
  • Engine Power 72MW
  • Speed 25.0kts
  • 17 Restaurants & Food Bars
  • 11 Clubs & Bars
  • Theater 1042 Seats
  • Discotheque
  • Casino
  • Internet Cafe
  • Kids Club
  • 3 Pools
  • Spa Area
  • Sports Court
  • Rock Climbing Wall
  • Golf Nets
  • Wellness & Fitness Center
  • Jogging Track
Data Sources: NCL / www.cruisemapper.com / MT / Wikipedia

'Norwegian Jade' is one of 16 ships of 'Norwegian Cruise Line'. The ship is Made in Germany and was floated out as 'Pride Of Hawaii' on 19th February 2006 at 07:30am from the construction hall of Meyer yards in Papenburg. In 2008, the ship was removed from the Hawaiian market and renamed 'Norwegian Jade' but maintained the Hawaiian theming until a major refit in 2017. 'Norwegian Jade' is since cruising in Europe and the Caribbean. In 2017 and 2018, 'Norwegian Jade' made some cruises out of Hamburg. Though these cruises were sold internationally, the cruise line addressed German speaking guests in their language.


Booking - 12 Nights  'Norway And North Cape'  with  Norwegian Jade

I booked this cruise about 3 months before departure on the website of 'Norwegian Cruise Line' as a special offer without free selection of the desired stateroom. The booking confirmation arrived in my eMail box just a few minutes later and I had to pay a deposit of 20%. I completed the CheckIn online on the day after and the stateroom was assigned to me just 4 weeks later online as well. The final payment was due 6 weeks before departure and the cruise documents were delivered to me some few days later with eMail. Packages for beverages and internet as well as excursions and the like could be purchased online up to 5 days before departure.


The Cruise  Day 1 - Sunday 15th July 2018 - Hamburg   ... - 05:00pm

Since I was born and live in Hamburg, my hometown, I had no flight and no hotel before going on this cruise, I just had to take public transport to get from my apartment to the ship this time. It was also my first cruise out of Hamburg and my first cruise to the northern half of Europe, which I usually avoid to travel to because of the guarantee for bad weather. Expectations for the weather were held intentionally low therefore.

First settlements in Hamburg - where rivers Alster and Bille join big Elbe river - can be dated back to the time of the Roman Empire, they knew of a settlement named 'Treva'. The 'Hammaburg' - a fortress giving Hamburg its name - was built in the 8th century, but the rise of Hamburg began with the founding of the 'Hanse'. This guild of German merchant and trade cities was the predecessor and the idea for the European Union. Originally, it was a trade agreement between Hamburg and Lübeck of 1230 - documented 11 years later -, in order to secure the land way between both the cities, which was constantly suffering robbery and piracy, with loss of goods and even human lives. The project was successful and more and more cities joined them to form the 'Hanse', which later had trade relations even with Venezia, Iceland and other very far places in the then known world. The city union created common measurements and even a currency, but also common ways of dealing with things and a conduct of behavior in merchant processes, which is still being known and held high in Hamburg by older participants of trade and economy. Hanseatic traditions play a role in my life as well. History made Hamburg - also known as 'The Most Beautiful Town!' - not only very rich, but also a city with a life quality that ranks among the highest's in the world; the usually bad weather must be ignored.

The 'Cruise Terminal Steinwerder' does not have any public transport options on the weekend, my baggage was heavy for the cruise to the polar region of Europe, and I therefore took a taxi from S-Bahn station 'Veddel' to the cruise terminal. There were no taxis waiting, and when I was already thinking about calling one by phone, a taxi came. It departed at 01:43pm for an 11 minute journey, stopped in front of the terminal and cost €18.80, including surcharges because it was a Sunday. At 02:00pm, my baggage was checked in some sort of a big garage inside the terminal, I proceeded to the main entrance of the terminal and lined up at the end of the queue, which was actually outside the building on the roof covered sidewalk. A 'Public Health Questionnaire' was handed out, offered in different languages, I filled it in and waited in the line for 105 minutes, in some sort of a stop and go procedure. Refreshment drinks and even snacks were offered.

The CheckIn itself was then done quite quickly. The lady behind the desk asked me before making a photo, I had to show my passport, my credit card was registered, I had to sign digitally for it, was handed out my 'FreestyleCard', the boarding card for access to ship and stateroom, as well as for purchases on board, 'Soda' was printed on it, for the beverage package I had purchased at home, and just 5 minutes later, I had already passed the security without waiting. I avoided the photo wall, entered 'Norwegian Jade' at 03:54pm and my stateroom #519 on deck 9 on the port side at exactly 04:00pm.

Just after arrival in my stateroom, the announcement for the security drill was made. It started already at 04:16pm, for me in the 'Stardust Theater', some of the waiting guests still must have been in the terminal. The show was done very professionally within only 10 minutes in English language and most of it additionally in German. Only emergency announcements would be audible everywhere on the ship, normal announcements in staterooms could be heard on the bow cam TV channel 24, and it was pointed out that the emergency number 911 can be called from every phone on the ship.

At 04:53pm, while I was just making photos from my stateroom, the water bottles I had purchased already at home were delivered, and shortly after planned departure time at 05:00pm, there was still lots of cargo and baggage on the pier. The first pool party on deck, and I had a first meal in the 'Garden Café' buffet restaurant, with a view on 'The Most Beautiful Town!'.

Classical 'Norwegian Jade' departed from 'Cruise Terminal Steinwerder' at 06:14pm silently, without any announcement, and the horn also did not blew, which is quite unusual in Hamburg. The ship left Hamburg just like countless others in a maritime history of more than 1000 years, sailing along 'Altes Land' with its giant apple and cherry plantations, one of the biggest fruit growing places in Europe.

When I returned to my stateroom at 07:30pm, the steward was on his evening round. I found my baggage in front of the stateroom door and a grammatically quite perfect German version of the 'Freestyle Daily', the daily program of events, opening hours and information, but I asked him for the English version in the future, and got it delivered then every day.

Turquoise color decorated 'Norwegian Jade' slid down the Elbe river gently, most clouds had dissolved, and the sun set very picturesque over the western entrance of the 'Nord-Ostsee-Kanal', the artificial waterway to Kiel, amidst a forest of windmills.

LTE mobile internet access was available until 'Norwegian Jade' left the Elbe river mouth. A very beautiful moonset was visible tonight, with planet Venus in conjunction next to it.


Just after departure from 'Hamburg Cruise Center Steinwerder' with view on the city :
Steinwerder City View · 15jul2018 1816CEST (Hamburg)
View on shipyard 'Blohm+Voss' and downtown Hamburg in the background :
Blohm+Voss · 15jul2018 1828CEST (Hamburg)
Last view on downtown Hamburg :
Elbe Inbound · 15jul2018 1832CEST (Hamburg)
Big 'Container Terminal Waltershof' with 'Köhlbrand Brücke' in the background :
Waltershof · 15jul2018 1839CEST (Hamburg)
The main 'Airbus' aircraft factory in Hamburg Finkenwerder :
Finkenwerder · 15jul2018 1901CEST (Hamburg)
View on Hamburg Blankenese wealthy residential district and former fishing village :
Blankenese · 15jul2018 1902CEST (Hamburg)
Blankenese with ferry pier :
Blankenese · 15jul2018 1903CEST (Hamburg)
Blankenese with Süllberg :
Blankenese · 15jul2018 1904CEST (Hamburg)
After leaving Hamburg on river Elbe with view on Altes Land giant fruit plantations :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Elbe Lühe · 15jul2018 1938CEST (N53°35-E009°38)
On river Elbe near Brunsbüttel at sunset with wind farms :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Elbe Brunsbüttel · 15jul2018 2139CEST (N53°53-E009°09)
Heading North Sea after sunset with Venus and Moon :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · North Sea · 15jul2018 2249CEST (N53°55-E008°40)

The Cruise  Day 2 - Monday 16th July 2018 - Sea Day

Just after I got up very late in the morning, I was heading the sun deck for an extended sunbath at 11:15am, many sun loungers were free. The midday announcement from captain Frank Juliussen 45 minutes later provided plenty navigational, meteorological and other information.

A very flat mountainous coast shadow along the horizon in the East appeared at 01:00pm, and sometimes a ship or a helicopter on the way to an oil or gas rig amidst the North Sea crossed the route of 'Norwegian Jade'. She cruised about 30nm abeam the coast of Norway, no land based LTE internet access was available.

It was quite quiet on deck 14 forward, the 'Quiet Zone', even sun loungers could be moved over the deck without noise.

Windspeed and wave heights increased for a while in the late afternoon, 'Norwegian Jade' began to pitch and roll slightly, but when I finished my sunbath at 06:30pm, wind, sea and ship have calmed down again. The sun was still high above the horizon this late, and I indeed spent the whole very sunny day on deck, enjoying the weak Scandinavian summer sun; no sin, in expectation of the bad weather that was predicted.

After Dinner, my first meal on this sunny sea day, I registered my smartphone in the 'Norwegian iConcierge' app, for a first view to my board account and what the app has to offer at all. I furthermore informed myself about internet access options by opening the address 'digitalseas.io' after login to the on-board WiFi called 'NCL_Internet_Jade'. Land based LTE internet access was available from 08:30pm until about 11:15pm with short interruptions, though the coast was quite far away.

Today was 'Sea Food Night' in the 'Garden Café' buffet restaurant, the sun set late at 11:00pm and 3 other cruise liners cruised in visible range around 'Norwegian Jade', all of them heading north.


View on fairway with lamp on the aft deck :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 16jul2018 2117CEST (Fairway)
Cruising along Norwegian coast through a calm North Sea :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · North Sea · 16jul2018 2122CEST (N61°06-E004°09)
And the next sunset :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Sunset · 16jul2018 2238CEST (N61°33-E004°09)

The Cruise  Day 3 - Tuesday 17th July 2018 - Hellesylt & Geiranger   08:00am - 05:00pm

A half an hour after midnight, it was still light outside; White Night. Classical 'Norwegian Jade' cruised in Storfjorden, on the way to to the Geirangerfjorden. I got up very early at sunrise, but it took a while until the sun climbed over the mountains. The very picturesque scenery was impressive, still with snow on the mountain peaks. After nearly 3 hours on deck, the ship docked at the very small pier of Hellesylt at 07:34am, just for disembarking excursion guests, and at 09:02am, 'Norwegian Jade' departed from Hellesylt again, turned in the narrow Sunnylvsfjorden and continued sailing to the Geirangerfjorden, heading the small village of Geiranger at the end of the fjord, where she turned and eventually anchored at 10:38am. Announcements along the last section with famous waterfalls were made in English, German and Spanish languages. Since the new foldable pier in Geiranger was already used by another cruise liner, passengers of 'Norwegian Jade' had to tender, which began from deck 4 midships at 10:45am with 'Tender Ticket A1' and 'A2', followed at 10:55am by 'Tender Ticket A3' and 'A4'. Guests with excursions booked via 'NCL' had priority and thus 'Tender Ticket A5' was called 30 minutes later.

At 11:33am, I obtained a mandatory but free ticket, 'Tender Ticket A20', at the 'Towel Station' on deck 12 starboard side pool area. Ticket numbers continued to be called one after another in 3 languages. At 12:07pm, 'A10' was called, and finally 'A20' at 12:50pm. The tender departed at 01:01pm for an 8 minute sailing to the pier of Geiranger. The scenery looked like a place in the Alps, with fragrant meadows, many colorful spring time flowers and steep climbing mountains. The actually scenic view of the loudly rushing Geirangelva river was unfortunately misshappen by some electric cables. Stairs lead up at the southern side of the waterfall. Geiranger village was crowded with lots of tourists, vehicles and insects.

A 'Hurtigruten' liner came by, was visited by a single big tender and sailed away again. With more than 20°C, it was very warm, and while I still sat on the promenade, enjoying the scenery, I looked up to the mountains that climb southeast of Geiranger, I noticed long vertical stripes; rain I thought, and that it would be better to return to the tender pier. When I just stood up, it began to rain and it got stormy, very suddenly and very surprisingly. Boarding of the next tender was postponed due to the storm, and many cruise guests had to wait in the rain, under a tent and then again inside the tender, until it finally departed at 03:29pm, but it then had to wait alongside the ship, until the wind had calmed down. At 03:55pm, the tender eventually docked at the ship's own foldable pier, the tender platform, and 20 minutes later, I was back in my stateroom after passing the 'FreestyleCard' and security checks on board.

'Norwegian Jade' departed late at 05:50pm. The very beautiful mountainous scenery with snowy peaks was covered by ugly and depressingly grey clouds. Actually, I thought that the landscape is so beautiful that it hurts. Today was the 'Caribbean Night' in the 'Garden Café', but I skipped dinner for enjoying the views. I had something to drink and eat later, the 'Garden Café' was always open until 11:00pm, but with a very limited choice of food that late. When 'Norwegian Jade' entered the open seas, she started to pitch and shortly later to roll slightly, but after an hour, she gently plowed the flat swells and it was another calm night. Land based LTE internet access was available all day from the early morning on, by the way.


Cruising into Storfjorden with Skopphornet peak and ferry from Magerholm to Sykkylven :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Storfjorden · 17jul2018 0435CEST (N62°26-E006°35)
View deep into Storfjorden :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Storfjorden · 17jul2018 0438CEST (N62°26-E006°37)
Sunrise behind the mountains along Storfjorden :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Storfjorden · 17jul2018 0446CEST (N62°27-E006°39)
Narrow passage in Storfjorden :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Storfjorden · 17jul2018 0521CEST (N62°25-E006°55)
View ahead in Storfjorden :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Storfjorden · 17jul2018 0524CEST (N62°24-E006°55)
View back in Storfjorden :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Storfjorden · 17jul2018 0539CEST (N62°21-E006°56)
View ahead in Storfjorden with village Stranda and still snow covered peaks :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Storfjorden · 17jul2018 0545CEST (N62°20-E006°56)
View on village Stranda with still snow covered peaks in the background :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Storfjorden · 17jul2018 0552CEST (N62°19-E006°58)
Where the 3 fjords Storfjorden Sunnylvsfjorden and Norddalsfjorden meet :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Storfjorden · 17jul2018 0601CEST (N62°18-E007°00)
View into Norddalsfjorden :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Norddalsfjorden · 17jul2018 0605CEST (N62°17-E007°01)
'Norwegian Jade' turned south into Sunnylvsfjorden :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Sunnylvsfjorden · 17jul2018 0613CEST (N62°15-E007°01)
Cruising in Sunnylvsfjorden with peaks rising up more than 1500 meters alongside :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Sunnylvsfjorden · 17jul2018 0631CEST (N62°11-E007°01)
First view into Geirangerfjorden :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Geirangerfjorden · 17jul2018 0649CEST (N62°08-E006°57)
Continuing cruising down Sunnylvsfjorden with first view on Hellesylt :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Sunnylvsfjorden · 17jul2018 0659CEST (N62°06-E006°54)
View on Hellesylt at the end of Sunnylvsfjorden :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Hellesylt · 17jul2018 0909CEST (N62°05-E006°52)
Leaving Hellesylt :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Sunnylvsfjorden · 17jul2018 0922CEST (N62°06-E006°54)
Last view on Hellesylt :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Sunnylvsfjorden · 17jul2018 0928CEST (N62°06-E006°56)
'Norwegian Jade' turned into Geirangerfjorden with snowy Kvitegga peak in the background :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Geirangerfjorden · 17jul2018 0936CEST (N62°06-E006°59)
Cruising in the narrow Geirangerfjorden :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Geirangerfjorden · 17jul2018 0943CEST (N62°06-E007°04)
In Geirangerfjorden with famous Dei Sju Systrene '7 Sisters' waterfalls :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Geirangerfjorden Dei Sju Systrene · 17jul2018 0944CEST (N62°06-E007°04)
View on Dei Sju Systrene '7 Sisters' waterfalls :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Geirangerfjorden Dei Sju Systrene · 17jul2018 0947CEST (N62°06-E007°06)
Dei Sju Systrene '7 Sisters' waterfalls with ferry from Geiranger to Hellesylt :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Geirangerfjorden Dei Sju Systrene · 17jul2018 0952CEST (N62°07-E007°07)
View back into Geirangerfjorden before heading Geiranger village :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Geirangerfjorden · 17jul2018 0956CEST (N62°07-E007°08)
View on Bringefossen waterfall :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Geirangerfjorden Bringefossen · 17jul2018 0957CEST (N62°07-E007°08)
View back in Geirangerfjorden with Geitfjellet peak :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Geirangerfjorden · 17jul2018 1007CEST (N62°07-E007°11)
In Geirangerfjorden with view on 'Grande Fjord Hotel' and street up to Ørnesvingen viewpoint :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Geirangerfjorden · 17jul2018 1010CEST (N62°07-E007°11)
View back in Geirangerfjorden with Geitfjellet peak and kayak tour on the fjord :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Geirangerfjorden · 17jul2018 1012CEST (N62°07-E007°11)
View on Geiranger village with Vinsåshornet peak :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Geiranger · 17jul2018 1017CEST (N62°06-E007°11)
Back in Storfjorden :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Storfjorden · 17jul2018 2112CEST (N62°23-E006°14)
Last view into the fjord world :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Storfjorden · 17jul2018 2121CEST (N62°23-E006°08)
'Norwegian Jade' leaves the fjord world after departure of the pilot :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Storfjorden · 17jul2018 2137CEST (N62°25-E006°03)
View on Sula island :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · North Sea · 17jul2018 2150CEST (N62°27-E005°58)
Cruising to North Sea with islands off the coast :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · North Sea · 17jul2018 2155CEST (N62°27-E005°55)
Colorful sunset behind clouds :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Sunset · 17jul2018 2317CEST (N62°46-E005°52)

The Cruise  Day 4 - Wednesday 18th July 2018 - Trondheim   08:00am - 05:00pm

It was light outside after midnight and astonishingly warm, though the wind was much stronger now.

'Norwegian Jade' docked at 07:20am near the Trondheim Cruise Pier. I left the ship at 11:08am from deck 5 midships. With 28°C, it was very warm, actually, it felt like in the tropics due to the air humidity. Trondheim appeared to me as a city with many big and small wooden houses, some buildings in Art Nouveau, a big pedestrian shopping area, very relaxed. All major sights like the 'Nidarosdomen' the 'Gamle Bybro', the bridge that leads to the old town and the 'Kristiansten Festning' on the hill, can be reached by walking. On the way back down, the rooster crowed anywhere between the small houses.

I did not have had luck with the weather, no sun and no blue sky due to the high clouds. I therefore returned to the ship already at 02:26pm, refreshment flannels and beverages were offered by 'NCL' at the pier. After just 10 minutes, I was back on my stateroom.

Big 'Norwegian Jade' pushed herself away from the small pier at 05:02pm, turned and left meanwhile rainy Trondheim. None of the 4 different weather models my weather app offers did forecast an afternoon with nearly constant rain; at least, it started after I returned to the ship. Another lost cruise day with bad weather, while in most other parts of Europe it was a sunny day, and I could assume that most of the remaining days would be as bad as today. It was significantly colder after departure, more windy and the visibility was about some few nautical miles only.

Shortly after leaving Trondheim, 'Norwegian Jade' cruised between hills, mountains and light green meadows on the fjord banks, the rain had stopped. I was sitting in the 'Spinnaker Lounge' at 07:12pm, when 'Norwegian Jade' reached the point where the much smaller 'Hurtigruten' liners turn north on their way to the Nordkapp. Bigger vessels must obviously sail a detour. Small islands were lying scattered around in the north with the coast of mainland Norway in the south, while the sun tried to fight some light through the high haze clouds. The scenery in the south was just heartbreaking beautiful, and I was wondering how beautiful it would be with sunlight and blue sky.

Land based LTE internet access was available until 08:15pm, land also vanished later, when 'Norwegian Jade' was on a course to NNW. Tonight was 'Scandinavian Theme' in the 'Garden Café' buffet restaurant, some few typical Scandinavian deli's.


In Trondheim with view from 'Gamle Bybro' wooden bridge :
Trondheim Panorama Gamle Bybro · 18jul2018 1148CEST (Trondheim)

The Cruise  Day 5 - Thursday 19th July 2018 - Sea Day & Svartisen Glacier

Punctually at midnight, all TV channels lost their signal, the screen went black. Early in the morning at 08:33am, an announcement in 3 languages was made for the crossing of the arctic circle. There is a small navigational light and the 'Polarsirkelgloben', a metal frame on top of a podium on the very small island named Vikingen, 3.5kms south of the arctic circle, which was at N66°33'52.95" in 2018. Masses of cruise guests flooded the decks of 'Norwegian Jade' in a light rain.

Land based LTE internet access was available just behind that small island, while the ship passed fish farms, meadows, a campground and always again small farms with colored houses. 'Norwegian Jade' cruised the arctic circle at 09:20am. Sometimes, a ferry crossed the course of the ship, where meanwhile a souvenir sale with gifts from Norway took place on the pool deck. The ship entered Skarsfjorden and Holandsfjorden after it, sailed slower and slower, and eventually stopped in front of the Svartisen glacier at 11:25am. The decks were quite overcrowded, though it was raining. Interesting explanations about the glacier were given over the loudspeakers in the 3 usual languages. The heavy rain stopped, but clouds moved over the glacier when 'Norwegian Jade' began to turn at 11:30am. She did not leave the site, but made a 360° turn, probably for testing the compass, while the glacier was covered by clouds meanwhile, leaving only the lower end free for sight.

Usually, I don't like clouds, they look depressingly, worsen photography and reduce quality of photos, but in very seldom situations, they can make very few places on this planet look quite mystically, and thus reflect reality very good. Grey is a color of depression - no sun no fun - and travel or holiday memories and photos should not look like this!

At 12:05pm, 'Norwegian Jade' left the scene. An 'Ice Carving Demonstration' took place on the pool deck, and the unavoidable 'Arctic Circle Ceremony' attracted so many cruise guests that they had to line up before receiving the bizarre treatment under screams, to the amusement of all others. At least, they did not need a spa treatment anymore.

Panamax 'Norwegian Jade' stopped at 02:15pm at the entrance to Tjongsfjorden, made another 360° turn and continued sailing to the next scenic one called Glomfjorden. High mountains, peaks covered with deep flying clouds, meadows raising up from the sea and small farms, the ship followed the famous 'Hurtigruten' line again. Small and colorful wooden houses between trees here and there, with small piers at the fjord. Everything looked like the Norwegian dream, but without sun and blue sky. I couldn't believe that 'Norwegian Jade' took this extremely narrow passage next to the town of Ørnes, which is used by the much smaller 'Hurtigruten' vessels, and for the first time, the ship's horn blew, actually 3 times in a row. This small scenic tour through the very narrow fjords was not announced by 'NCL' in advance.

While the cloud cover finally broke up over the Atlantic ocean, 'Norwegian Jade' cruised very close to steep and high mountains raising up out of the sea, leaving the spectacular fjord landscape behind. LTE mobile internet access was available until at least 07:00pm, and tonight was 'American Dinner' day in the 'Garden Café'. A 'Realm Of The Arctic Circle' certificate was brought to my stateroom in the evening, together with the 'FreestyleDaily'.

At 10:30pm, the southernmost islands of the Lofoten archipelago were in sight and LTE internet access was available again, when 'Norwegian Jade' turned to a new course, heading NNE. At 11:20pm, the ship had stopped about 10nm south of these southernmost islands of the Lofoten archipelago. A very beautiful sunset took place between the islands.


The 'Polarsirkelgloben' on small island Vikingen before crossing the arctic circle :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Polarsirkelgloben Vikingen · 19jul2018 0900CEST (N66°32-E012°57)
Cruising in Holandsfjorden with clouds lying on earth :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Holandsfjorden · 19jul2018 1052CEST (N66°42-E013°37)
First view on blue iced Svartisen glacier :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Svartisen · 19jul2018 1111CEST (N66°42-E013°41)
View on the Svartisen glacier :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Svartisen · 19jul2018 1120CEST (N66°42-E013°42)
'Norwegian Jade' leaves the mystic world of Holandsfjorden :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Holandsfjorden · 19jul2018 1224CEST (N66°42-E013°35)
Sunset near Røstøyan southernmost islands of Lofoten at midnight :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Røstøyan · 19jul2018 2351CEST (N67°20-E011°54)

The Cruise  Day 6 - Friday 20th July 2018 - Leknes Lofoten   08:00am - 06:00pm

This day was like some sort of getting to the thing, to the genuine heart and beauty of Norway! Renovated in 2017 'Norwegian Jade' turned and anchored at 08:05am in the Buksnesfjorden. Tender tickets could again be obtained on the pool deck, and just 7 minutes after anchoring, the first announcement was made in the 3 board languages, English, German and Spanish, 'Tender Ticket A1' and so on. At 09:30am, it was announced, that no tickets are required anymore and that guests can go to the tender platform without tickets. In front of me in the queue at the tender platform, there was a french speaking couple that got their photos on the 'FreestyleCard's changed at CheckIn in Hamburg, and they were asked to get that corrected after returning to the ship at the 'Guest Service Desk'.

At 10:01am, I departed in a tender, and the endless loop of security instructions over loudspeaker in the 3 usual languages began to annoy, additionally sometimes, exhaust fumes found their way into the tender. It arrived 12 minutes later at the pier of Leknes Havn, where it smelled like sea. There was crystal clear water under the pier, a gift shop within the harbor area and free maps at the exit. Just after passing the gate, a local guide was answering individual questions of the guests in English language, a sales point offered tickets for a guided bus tour around the area with a duration of 90 minutes for NOK340 or €40.00. A shuttle bus service to the center of Leknes was also offered for NOK80 or €10.00, departing every 30 minutes from 10:00am to 04:00pm.

My original plan was to get to the big white sandy beaches at the village of Vik, some kilometers north of Leknes. I asked the local guide, but she said that there is no public transportation and that the beaches are too far away to get there by walking. I gave that plan up and started a hiking tour to some viewpoints on Haugheia hill that could be reached by walking. Colorful blossoms on meadows, it was spring time here on Lofoten islands, in July. High mountains were just hanging around in the sea. I was hiking on soft turf paths and hills covered with small rocks and lots of heather. Some sheep were underway on the hills, the lambs nearly grown up. Views from up to 135m above sea level were breathtakingly great, like from a travel catalogue, or the wonderful 'Hurtigruten' commercials on TV. But it was real, no promise, and I eventually thought, that this is my Norwegian dream that just came true!

I returned to the pier at 04:45pm, long lines, and I therefore decided to make some photos of the Buksnesfjorden from the flat hill next to Leknes Havn. Small sandy beaches, turquoise and blue water and the high mountains around, it all looked like a holiday paradise. The weather was excellent all day, with quite high temperatures well above 20°C, very few clouds around the mountain peaks and dissolving high clouds far in the east. I guessed that there would be a chance for the midnight sun already in the following night.

At 05:05pm, I eventually took a tender that needed 12 minutes to the ship, no waiting at 'FreestyleCard' and security checks. 'Norwegian Jade' left Leknes at 06:20pm. Guests were evicted from their sun loungers, when 'Norwegian Jade' cruised around Moskenesøy, the southern one of the main group of Lofoten islands, shortly after 08:00pm, it suddenly was very windy and cold.

Land based LTE internet access was available all day, with short interruptions later in the evening, when I had Dinner in the 'Garden Café, 'Indian Night', and a wonderful nut cake as dessert. The Lofoten islands got smaller and began to vanish in the haze, while the sun on the other side of the ship tried to set. But tonight, 'Norwegian Jade' sailed into the area where the midnight sun was visible these days in July. Days were shorter meanwhile, after the longest day of the year was back 4 weeks ago in June.


Just before sunrise only 3 hours after sunset :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Sunrise · 20jul2018 0253CEST (N67°36-E012°48)
Sunrise near Mosken island :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Sunrise · 20jul2018 0303CEST (N67°37-E012°49)
Buksnesfjorden panoramic view :
Leknes Panorama Buksnesfjorden · 20jul2018 0949CEST (Buksnesfjorden)
View on Gravdal at Buksnesfjorden :
Leknes Panorama Buksnesfjorden · 20jul2018 0951CEST (Buksnesfjorden)
View along Buksnesfjorden banks with mountains of Flakstadøy island in the background :
Leknes Panorama Buksnesfjorden · 20jul2018 0951CEST (Buksnesfjorden)
Hiking up Haugheia hill :
Leknes Panorama Haugheia · 20jul2018 1110CEST (Leknes)
View from Haugheia hill on Offsersøystraumen strait and Offersøykammen peak :
Leknes Panorama Haugheia · 20jul2018 1119CEST (Leknes)
Alpine pasture up Haugheia hill with colorful flowers and mountains of Flakstadøy island :
Leknes Panorama Haugheia · 20jul2018 1129CEST (Leknes)
The mountains of Flakstadøy island in the background :
Leknes Panorama Haugheia · 20jul2018 1133CEST (Leknes)
On top of Haugheia hill with panoramic view on mountains of Flakstadøy island :
Leknes Panorama Haugheia · 20jul2018 1203CEST (Leknes)
Panoramic view from Haugheia hill on Stornappstinden peak and Gapet strait :
Leknes Panorama Haugheia · 20jul2018 1208CEST (Leknes)
View from Haugheia hill on Offsersøystraumen strait and Offersøykammen peak :
Leknes Panorama Haugheia · 20jul2018 1209CEST (Leknes)
Sheep and lambs also hiking on Haugheia hill :
Sheep · Haugheia · 20jul2018 1229CEST (Leknes)
View from Haugheia hill on Stornappstinden peak and Gapet strait with sheep relaxing :
Leknes Panorama Haugheia · 20jul2018 1235CEST (Leknes)
Sheep on Haugheia hill with a view :
Sheep · Haugheia · 20jul2018 1237CEST (Leknes)
Green Haugheia hill with Gapet strait and sheep relaxing :
Leknes Panorama Haugheia · 20jul2018 1242CEST (Leknes)
View from Haugheia hill on Offsersøystraumen strait and Leknes plain :
Leknes Panorama Haugheia · 20jul2018 1248CEST (Leknes)
Last view from Haugheia hill on Stornappstinden peak and Gapet strait :
Leknes Panorama Haugheia · 20jul2018 1258CEST (Leknes)
Crystal clear water at Litleidholmen with view on Stornappstinden peak on Flakstadøy island :
Leknes Panorama Litleidholmen · 20jul2018 1349CEST (Leknes)
Panoramic view at Litleidholmen :
Leknes Panorama Litleidholmen · 20jul2018 1357CEST (Leknes)
View from Leknes harbor on Buksnesfjorden with crystal clear water and small beaches :
Leknes Panorama Buksnesfjorden · 20jul2018 1653CEST (Leknes)
Back on 'Norwegian Jade' with view on Buksnesfjorden and Leknes in the background :
Leknes Panorama Buksnesfjorden · 20jul2018 1816CEST (Buksnesfjorden)
After departure of 'Norwegian Jade' from Leknes with view eastwards on Lofoten :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Lofoten · 20jul2018 1848CEST (N68°04-E013°35)
'Norwegian Jade' left Buksnesfjorden cruising along Lofoten islands southwards :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Lofoten · 20jul2018 1857CEST (N68°02-E013°34)
Cruising in Moskstraumen strait around the southern tip of the main Lofoten islands :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Lofoten · 20jul2018 1956CEST (N67°49-E012°55)
View along Lofoten islands :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Lofoten · 20jul2018 2001CEST (N67°49-E012°51)
Cruising around the southern tip of the main Lofoten islands at Moskenesøy island :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Lofoten · 20jul2018 2006CEST (N67°49-E012°47)
Panoramic view on Lofoten island :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Lofoten · 20jul2018 2008CEST (N67°49-E012°44)
Cruising northwards along Lofoten with view on Mosken and Værøy islands with Moon :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Lofoten · 20jul2018 2047CEST (N67°59-E012°35)
Last view on Lofoten :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Lofoten · 20jul2018 2201CEST (N68°24-E013°07)

The Cruise  Day 7 - Saturday 21st July 2018 - Tromsø   08:00am - 05:00pm

I did not hear any announcement regarding the midnight sun or read anything about it in the 'Freestyle Daily' yesterday. Only my own investigation prevented me of missing this very special event, especially since there was only this 1 single night out of 3 possible nights of midnight sun on this cruise with very less clouds, what I could not know in advance, of course. I have seen the midnight sun more than 25 years ago on a flight from California to Europe while the Jumbo Jet was flying above the fjords and ice shield of Greenland, but neither have I been this far in the north on land or sea, nor have I seen the midnight sun on land or sea therefore.

I calculated the lowest inclination of the sun on this day in combination with an assumed position of the ship and appeared 15 minutes prior to the event of the assumed exact midnight sun on deck. To my very positive surprise, the midnight sun was not hidden behind thick clouds or haze. What a lucky luck! For the 3 nights, when 'Norwegian Jade' would sail in the area, where the midnight sun would have been visible these days, the cloud forecast was so evil, and the chances to have clear skies in this area of Europe are so little in general, thus I had prepared myself to take every chance of experiencing the midnight sun. Very few passengers watched the midnight sun, I did not know why, disinterest or they just didn't know. I made a series of photos every 15 minutes - I did not see the sun move up or down for about 30 minutes, it stood still above the horizon -, always walking between deck and 'Spinnaker Lounge'. A half an hour after astronomical midnight at this position, there were no clouds partly covering the sun anymore, and I then eventually went to bed very, very satisfied.

Long 'Norwegian Jade' docked in Tromsø at the Breivika Pier at 07:36am. It was pointed out in the 'Freestyle Daily' on the day before that internet and TV via satellite would not be available on sea due to the ship's geographical position. I knew about such limitations in polar regions, and that was one of the reasons why I did not purchase an internet package on this cruise.

Shortly before 10:00am, a crew security drill announcement was made in the usual 3 different languages. Access to staterooms was denied later for a while, when I wanted to get back to the stateroom from deck, where I had checked weather and internet.

I left 'Norwegian Jade' at 11:28am from deck 4 midships. At arrival, the sky above Tromsø was covered with clouds, but they had mostly dissolved meanwhile and it was sunny and warm. Souvenirs and public transport day tickets for NOK100, kids NOK50, were sold in the tent next to the pier; payment with credit card possible. I started walking to downtown Tromsø, about 2.9kms, first towards the bus stop, where a pedestrian tunnel leads to the other side of the main road, passing the world's northernmost botanical garden of this northernmost European big town, then all the way to the city center and eventually, I crossed the giant bridge 'Tromsøbrua'. The famous arctic cathedral 'Ishavskatedralen' was placed right at the end of the bridge. I proceeded further to the 'Fjellheisen' cable car station, where I arrived in front of the ticket counter at 01:12pm. I had to wait nearly 20 minutes in the queue. The return ticket up to the mountain cost NOK210, credit card and Maestro were accepted. The line outdoor got longer and longer, while I had to wait another 15 minutes inside the station until the 'Fjellheisen' departed for a flight of 3 minutes. Departures were scheduled every 30 minutes, but due to the increased demand, departures took place every few minutes.

After I enjoyed the spectacular views from the Storsteinen Cliff, I took the next cable car down - I had to wait for it another 15 minutes by the way - and then I decided to take a short look to downtown Tromsø, not much time was left until the ship would depart. The town appeared to me as a mixture of modern and partially eccentric, but architectural very interesting buildings, typical wooden and colorful Scandinavian houses and I saw 2 wooden churches. Street cafés invited guests, birch trees had just shoot their leaves in light green and very big sea gulls screeched all over the city. I eventually returned to the ship at 04:25pm over the forward gangway, the midship's one also was open, and was back in my stateroom after another 7 minutes.

At exactly 05:00pm, 'Norwegian Jade' pushed herself away from the pier and sailed out of the natural harbor of Tromsø, heading north. After this very sunny and for the arctic region of Europe very warm day, with temperatures of nearly 30°C, some sort of a subtropical thunderstorm hit the city and the ship, It got windy and significantly colder. Neither the mostly sunny day nor the thunderstorm were predicted by the 4 different weather models, my weather app offers, weather and climate got out of hand.

A great high mountain range with snow covered peaks, islands and a half of a big rainbow guided 'Norwegian Jade' indeed for hours on the starboard side. Land based LTE internet access was available until 08:30pm, also later for short times. 'Pub Dinner' night in the 'Garden Café' buffet restaurant offered some unusual food.


The midnight sun 0.38° above the horizon :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Midnattsol · 21jul2018 0047CEST (N69°17-E014°46)
The midnight sun with its lowest inclination on date and at location of 0.37° above the horizon :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Midnattsol · 21jul2018 0059CEST (N69°20-E014°58)
The midnight sun rises again now 0.44° above the horizon :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Midnattsol · 21jul2018 0117CEST (N69°24-E015°14)
The midnight sun rises further now 0.58° above the horizon :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Midnattsol · 21jul2018 0132CEST (N69°28-E015°28)
View on downtown Tromsø from Tromsøbrua :
Tromsø Panorama Tromsøbrua · 21jul2018 1226CEST (Tromsø)
Panoramic view on northern Tromsø and Tromsøbrua from cliff Storsteinen :
Tromsø Panorama Fjellheisen · 21jul2018 1340CEST (Tromsø)
Panoramic view on downtown Tromsø from cliff Storsteinen :
Tromsø Panorama Fjellheisen · 21jul2018 1344CEST (Tromsø)
Panoramic view on Tromsø and Tromsøbrua from cliff Storsteinen :
Tromsø Panorama Fjellheisen · 21jul2018 1347CEST (Tromsø)
After departure from Tromsø with view deep into Ullsfjorden and the scenic Lyngen Alps :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Departure Tromsø · 21jul2018 1839CEST (N69°52-E019°48)
Cruising Ullsfjorden with view on snowy Lyngen Alps :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Ullsfjorden · 21jul2018 1904CEST (N69°57-E020°01)
'Norwegian Jade' cruises along the Lyngen Alps :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Ullsfjorden · 21jul2018 1927CEST (N70°02-E020°08)
Leaving Ullsfjorden with view on snowy Kågen island :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Ullsfjorden · 21jul2018 1931CEST (N70°03-E020°10)
Last view on Lyngen Alps and Ullsfjorden :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Ullsfjorden · 21jul2018 1945CEST (N70°06-E020°14)
'Norwegian Jade' cruises in Arctic Sea with a half of a rainbow accompanying :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Arctic Sea · 21jul2018 2109CEST (N70°26-E020°47)

The Cruise  Day 8 - Sunday 22nd July 2018 - Honningsvåg Nordkapp   08:00am - 05:00pm

There was no good view on the midnight sun early in the morning, the inclination was much higher than last night, but clouds were very disturbant.

Surprisingly, a notice in the 'Freestyle Daily' informed about the times 'Norwegian Jade' would pass the Nordkapp in the morning and evening. So, I again got up very early to see the Nordkapp from the sea side at around 05:00am in the morning at clear skies and sunshine, which was very good, since the northernmost point of Europe wasn't visible in the evening due to very thick fog.

At 07:36am, 'Norwegian Jade, docked at the short pier in Honningsvåg. The tour to the Nordkapp offered by 'NCL' was nearly twice as expensive than the same offer made by www.nordkapp.no which I booked online while I was in Leknes, regardless of the bad weather forecast. I left the ship at 10:47am from deck 4 midships without waiting and walked around a little bit in Honningsvåg, when just a 'Hurtigruten' liner arrived. Together with another cruise ship, guests and crew of 3 vessels exceeded the population of this small town nearly threefold now.

I had no print out of the booking confirmation for the tour named 'North Cape Round Trip' with the 'Public Bus', which was scheduled to depart at 11:45am in front of the then 'Tourist Information' in street Fiskeriveien 4, not far away from the pier of Honningsvåg; some weeks after the cruise, the tourist office burned out and may now have been moved. I showed the online confirmation on my smartphone to the bus driver, he accepted it and let me into the bus. Before departing at 11:47am, he went through the rows and made sure that everybody was buckled up. The tour in an outsold bus went north, with reindeers on light green, stony and rocky meadows, some small bushes sometimes, but no trees. The bus dipped into clouds and when it drove out of them, the view was free on deep blue lakes, small farms and settlements, creeks and the sea sometimes. A scenic landscape like a dream, and I was very disappointed because the bus did not stop for photos and some memorable views.

At 12:29pm, the bus arrived at the Nordkapp, masses of tourists populated the end of the world, 2100kms away from the North Pole and also 2100kms away from Hamburg. The podium of the Nordkapp 'Globusen' was climbed by selfie addicts frequently, I had to wait until the monument was free of people. But the best of all were sunshine, blue sky and only few clouds, contrary to all the bad weather predictions. Thus I could make very good photos and keep the wonderful views in my mind forever. I was quite astonished about the many cairns, 'Varde' in Norwegian or 'Steinmännchen' in German, that were populating the area around the Nordkapp.

Before the bus departed at 01:47pm back to Honningsvåg, I talked to the bus driver about his life there. He said that it is black outside many months in a row in winter and that this is hard, despite the polar lights. Again, clouds moved just a few meters above the street and the stony meadows sometimes and I would have welcomed a photo stop very much, when clouds opened up and let me admire one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. Green meadows lighted by the sun, lakes with sea view sometimes, reindeers on a sparse vegetation, small bays with turquoise blue water and colorful wooden houses; what a paradise of nature!

The tour ended shortly ahead of time at 02:26pm in Honningsvåg where it departed near the 'Tourist Information'. It was a day with sunshine, blue sky and nearly 20°C, quite a heat this far in the north.

At 05:00pm, 'Norwegian Jade' departed backwards, turned inside the natural harbor, the horn blew 3 times, echoing a little bit in the fjord, and then she left the little town at the end of the world. Clouds had covered the Nordkapp region after I returned to the ship and a cold wind blew meanwhile. Comprehensive information was given about the Nordkapp over the loudspeakers in the 3 usual languages. Thick fog moved over the sea, reducing visibility to less than 100m, even the funnel seemed to vanish in it, also the Nordkapp was not visible, to the disappointment of many cruise guests, when the ship passed it at around 07:00pm. The foghorn blew every few minutes for the rest of the day.

It was 'Latin Night' in the 'Garden Café' buffet restaurant, land based LTE internet access was available only sometimes, when the ship was closer to one of the few villages in this abandoned area of Norway.


First view on Magerøya island :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Magerøya · 22jul2018 0500CEST (N71°12-E025°43)
Cruising around Nordkapp :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Nordkapp · 22jul2018 0509CEST (N71°12-E025°48)
The Nordkapp on Magerøya island :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Nordkapp · 22jul2018 0512CEST (N71°12-E025°51)
Magerøya island with Nordkapp in the middle :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Magerøya · 22jul2018 0518CEST (N71°11-E025°55)
The northernmost town in Europe Honningsvåg with fishing harbor :
Honningsvåg Panorama · 22jul2018 1128CEST (Honningsvåg)
At Nordkapp with view on 'Globusen' :
Nordkapp Panorama · 22jul2018 1234CEST (Nordkapp)
Nordkapp 'Globusen' :
Nordkapp Globusen · 22jul2018 1313CEST (Nordkapp)
At Nordkapp with Cairns and view on Arctic Sea in the background :
Nordkapp Cairns · 22jul2018 1334CEST (Nordkapp)

The Cruise  Day 9 - Monday 23rd July 2018 - Sea Day

The fog did not dissolve, the midnight sun was not visible this night therefore, but it was light outside. I was happy that I had seen the midnight sun 2 nights ago, went to bed quite early and slept long due to all the missed sleep of the past nights, when I was on deck. LTE internet access was available along Lofoten archipelago on this sea day and I had a last view on cloud covered Lofoten islands at lunch time.

It was partially light stormy, cold wind and small waves with foam caps sometimes, a little bumpy, like a horse carriage, but 'Norwegian Jade' sailed quite stable. The rain showers stopped in the morning and the satellite image loop promised an afternoon with some few sunny phases, but it wasn't very sunny then. The sea calmed in the evening and weather forecasts for Ålesund and Bergen had improved, in Hamburg it was summer since April anyway, for the first time in 12 years, there was summer in Hamburg, great!

Captain Frank Juliussen spoke to the cruise guests at 11:50am, mentioned his home Lofoten and gave meteorological as well as nautical information again.

Right after 'Norwegian Jade' cruised the arctic circle at 05:03pm, the promenade deck around the life boats was closed due to strong wind. A few minutes later on the stateroom TV, wind speed was displayed with less than 15kts, this is what we in Hamburg not even call a stiff breeze. Most open areas on deck 13 were also closed later in the afternoon, while the wind speed on the TV was displayed with 10kts. The TV signals were back in the evening, or maybe even earlier. After dinner, it was 'Mediterranean Night' in the 'Garden Café' and the decks were free to walk on again.


The Cruise  Day 10 - Tuesday 24th July 2018 - Ålesund   08:00am - 06:00pm

At 09:28am, 'Norwegian Jade' docked at the Ålesund Cruise Pier and already 20 minutes later, the gangways were open. It was raining and I left the ship when it finally got better over the midships gangway on deck 4 at 02:33pm, crossed the terminal area with tour desks, the bus station and the pedestrian tunnel under the Kaiser Wilhelms Gate. The main road was named after the German emperor who helped the city after it burned down in 1904. Wooden houses were destroyed by the fire, and thus the city was rebuilt with stone buildings in colorful Art Nouveau. Today, Ålesund looks like a German town of comparable size here and there, with many buildings from the imperial era of Germany.

The viewpoint 'Fjellstua' was wrapped in clouds mostly all the day, I climbed the 418 steps up to the building, but sight on town was not possible due to the clouds. Some of the steps are numbered, and so I walked down to one of the platforms lower, at about step 351 to 354, where I shot some photos of Ålesund, just to have some. Usually I decline to take photos when there is no sunshine and the sky is cloud covered. Light rain fell down again and again in the afternoon, and it was just another lost cruise day with bad weather.

Everything in Ålesund is in walkable distance, and I eventually returned to the ship at 04:51pm, passed the hand disinfection, the 'FreestyleCard' and security checks without waiting. At 05:49pm, a little ahead of time, 'Norwegian Jade' departed from Ålesund, even the horn blew, and the sun came out sometimes.

Land based LTE internet access was available until about 08:00pm, later again at around 11:00pm, and in the 'Garden Café', it was a very delicious 'Asian Night' today.


Just after departure from Ålesund :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Departure Ålesund · 24jul2018 1801CEST (N62°28-E006°11)
View on Sukkertoppen peak with Heissafjorden and Sula island :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Departure Ålesund · 24jul2018 1829CEST (N62°27-E006°03)

The Cruise  Day 11 - Wednesday 25th July 2018 - Bergen   08:00am - 06:00pm

Early in the morning at 07:00am, and after cruising for 2 hours through the very scenic but cloud covered landscape along Hjeltefjorden, the view was free on Bergen, 40 minutes later, 'Norwegian Jade' docked at Bontelabo Pier pier after turning and just a few minutes before 08:00am, the gangways were announced to be open in the usual 3 languages, English, German and Spanish.

I left 'Norwegian Jade' at 09:25am from deck 4 forward midships. Different free maps were available behind the harbor exit. I proceeded directly to 'Bryggen', also known as 'Tyskebryggen', the historical quarter of the 'Hanse', the first economic union in northern Europe. Many colorful skew wooden houses in a row at the Vågen bay promenade. I looked up to the 'Fløibanen' station, but it was wrapped in clouds. On the market at the end of the Vågen bay, fish, reindeer sausages, fruits and local deli was offered, as well as freshly prepared food that guests could eat while sitting on tent roofed benches.

Since the clouds began to move away from the peaks of the mountains around Bergen, the rain capital of Europe, I lined up in the 'Fløibanen' queue at 09:56am, purchased a return ticket for NOK95 a few minutes later, payment is possible with credit card and Maestro, and eventually departed with the funicular at 10:25am for a ride of a little more than 3 minutes. It was not crowded, even seats were available, but the viewpoint itself was well populated with tourists and entire groups from cruise ships. The sun came through the clouds and I enjoyed the spectacular views. Fragrant pines grow on the peak between rocks with small meadows and park benches for a picnic. Some very big goats were a tourists attraction and urged for modelling. A silent wet forest with ferns and moss, and a very picturesque lake, very Scandinavian like!

I eventually took the funicular down at 12:40pm without waiting for long, but the queue at the city station reached half way down the street meanwhile, waiting time must have been an hour or so. Everything is in walkable distance in downtown Bergen, thus the 'Hanseatic Museum' and the historic and Hanseatic quarter of 'Tyskebryggen' were right around the corner. Narrow alleys lead to backyards with old wooden and typical Hanseatic buildings, giving an insight to how the merchants have lived, moved and stored their goods. The 'Kjøbmandsstuen' building right south east to the old wooden building row shows coat of arms of important Hanseatic towns like Hamburg and Lübeck.

I walked back to the ship from 'Tyskebryggen' within only 12 minutes, was back there at 05:00pm, hand disinfection, 'FreestyleCard' and security checks were without long waiting and eventually, 'Norwegian Jade' departed from Bergen at 05:55pm. It was 'Grill Extravaganza' in the 'Garden Café' buffet restaurant and land based LTE internet access was available until shortly after 09:30pm. I did not know how beautiful and spectacular the sailing out of Bergen would be, thus I really enjoyed it with sunshine and under a blue sky. Departure information for the arrival in Hamburg was delivered to my stateroom together with the 'FreestyleDaily' in the evening.


Panoramic view on Bergen from Fløyfjellet also known as Fløyen mountain :
Bergen Panorama Fløyen · 25jul2018 1133CEST (Bergen)
Old Hanseatic quarter 'Tyskebryggen' in downtown Bergen :
Bergen Tyskebryggen · 25jul2018 1416CEST (Bergen)
Just after departure from Bergen with view on downtown :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Departure Bergen · 25jul2018 1804CEST (N60°24-E005°20)
Last view on Bergen :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Departure Bergen · 25jul2018 1807CEST (N60°24-E005°16)
After passing under Askøybrua turning to Hjeltefjorden :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Departure Bergen · 25jul2018 1825CEST (N60°23-E005°11)
View on suburbs of Bergen :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Departure Bergen · 25jul2018 1826CEST (N60°23-E005°11)
Scenic view on Bergen suburbs :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Departure Bergen · 25jul2018 1830CEST (N60°23-E005°09)
Skjærgård in Hjeltefjorden :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Hjeltefjorden · 25jul2018 1838CEST (N60°24-E005°07)
Scenic view on Skjærgård in Hjeltefjorden :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Hjeltefjorden · 25jul2018 1840CEST (N60°24-E005°07)
In Hjeltefjorden with view on Skjærgård and Sotra island in the background :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Hjeltefjorden · 25jul2018 1844CEST (N60°25-E005°03)
Panoramic view back into Hjeltefjorden :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Hjeltefjorden · 25jul2018 1844CEST (N60°25-E005°03)
Hjeltefjorden gets broader :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Hjeltefjorden · 25jul2018 1917CEST (N60°33-E004°56)
Last view into Hjeltefjorden :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Hjeltefjorden · 25jul2018 1957CEST (N60°42-E004°48)
Skjærgård at the end of Hjeltefjorden :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Hjeltefjorden · 25jul2018 2015CEST (N60°44-E004°42)
Sunset behind clouds :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Sunset · 25jul2018 2147CEST (N60°27-E004°08)

The Cruise  Day 12 - Thursday 26th July 2018 - Sea Day

The last sea day on board was predicted to be sunny like the first one. I once again got up very early to make interior photos of the ship, when there were not much people around. The sky was still partially cloud covered, when I had breakfast in the nearly empty 'Garden Café', but it then cleared up. Captain Frank Juliussen spoke to the cruise guests at 11:27am, gave nautical and meteorological information, and he said that the Elbe river pilot would come on board at 11:00pm. I spent the day in the sunny 'Quiet Zone' on deck 14 forward, where guests had to care about sun loungers on their own this time. By sailing southwards, it became really warm. At around 05:00pm, the giant German offshore wind farm 'Sandbank' was in sight in the east, and later after dinner at 09:00pm, the temperature was still at around 25°C on deck, very warm in the usually cold and stormy North Sea. German island of Helgoland was in sight, a pirate's nest some centuries ago. It was 'Italian Night' in the 'Garden Café' buffet restaurant this evening. Land based LTE internet access was not available all day due to the greater distances to land mass. When the sun set, the moon was already visible on the opposite. The pilot arrived at 11:20pm and not even the strong sea wind was a good cool down, it was hot and it felt like being on a ship in the Mediterranean. At 11:50pm, 'Norwegian Jade' passed the island of Scharhörn, which belongs to Hamburg.


German offshore wind farm 'Sandbank' :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Offshore Wind Farm Sandbank · 26jul2018 1647CEST (N55°08-E006°43)
Last Sunset on this cruise :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Sunset · 26jul2018 2125CEST (N54°09-E007°38)
German island of Helgoland in the dusk :
Cruise · Norwegian Jade · Helgoland · 26jul2018 2145CEST (N54°07-E007°44)

The Cruise  Day 13 - Friday 27th July 2018 - Hamburg   07:00am - ...

At exactly 05:30am, 'Norwegian Jade' docked at the 'Cruise Terminal Steinwerder'. I had breakfast after making some photos from the skyline of Hamburg and the sunrise. Only the midships elevators stopped on deck 7, where disembarkation started at 06:55am from midship and forward gangways. I left my stateroom at 08:12, was out of the terminal after 9 minutes without waiting anywhere and after further 12 minutes walking with my rolling suitcase, I arrived at the harbor ferry pier 'Argentinienbrücke', from where I then took the ferry, which operates only from Monday to Friday, to the city center.

On this arrival's day evening, there was the longest lunar eclipse in this century, and many people were all around the city to watch the unusual event.


View on downtown Hamburg after docking at 'Cruise Center Steinwerder' with sunrise :
Steinwerder City View · 27jul2018 0545CEST (Hamburg)
Lunar eclipse on arrival day's evening at Hamburg 'Landungsbrücken' with reddish Moon :
Astronomic · Moon · Landungsbrücken · 27jul2018 2248CEST (Hamburg)

Conclusion - 7 Nights  'Norway And North Cape'  with  Norwegian Jade  3385nm

Single traveler on '12 Days Norway And North Cape' with 'Norwegian Jade' from Hamburg. I chose this cruise to finally see the fjord landscapes and many other sights of Norway.

Embarkation - This took 2 hours in the 'Cruise Center Steinwerder' and was one of my longest CheckIn procedures at all. Refreshment drinks and snacks were offered to countless people standing in a single line for all CheckIn counters.

Security Drill - It was done professionally and was one of my quickest drills ever. No life vests to bring with from the stateroom, it was not necessary to wear one at all. The drill was in English language with most important details in German language as well.

The Ship - An older one, but renovated in 2017, less signs of wear and tear therefore. Lounges had some charm of looking old fashioned and the pool area a little bit undecorated. Sun loungers were collected early on sunny evenings, guests were friendly evicted from them by deck staff sometimes. Deck areas were closed due to strong wind on the third sea day, while the wind speed was lower than the ship's speed, as displayed on the TV ticker with comprehensive nautical and meteorological information. Partially deck area closures also happened at other times without any recognizable reason, there may have been painting works. As many older ships, 'Norwegian Jade' has a classical promenade around the life boats. Orientation was made more simple on this ship, compared to others. The sports court above the 'Garden Café' was well audible when guests were dining, noisy banging and tramping. There was no storm during the cruise, thus the ship always sailed very stable.

Crew And Staff - They were mostly friendly and open. The stateroom steward made a good job. Spa staff used every opportunity to attract cruise guests for spa and massages. Cruise director Richard Matic made several announcements on nearly every day to invite cruise guests for events and shows.

Dining - At bars, cups and glasses were filled half with ice on the first few days, staff more and more began to ask then, whether the guest wanted ice at all. I only go to buffet restaurants, since I don't like to wait and then have a reduced choice in restaurants with service at the tables. Sometimes, especially on sea days, it was hard but not impossible to find a free table. Breakfast was available also on the open sun sail covered aft deck of the 'Garden Café', even after closure of the buffet restaurant at 10:30am. For lunch and dinner, the choice of food was a little bit limited, sometimes the offered food was just lukewarm, especially rice. There was always a very interesting theme evening with food from a particular country or region in the world. The pastries section was throughout good and there were 2 self service ice cream machines. A small selection of soft drinks, some were sugar free, as well as coffee and tea was included in the cruise fare in the morning, for lunch, in the evening and for the late snacks from self service machines. Pieces of pineapple and water melon were not peeled off, guests had to do it on their own, using knifes which usually were not really sharp. French crêpes and Italian pasta were prepared for the guests on their individual wishes just in time. There was always plenty of different meat and some fish, as well as an Asian corner, with delicious and well spiced Asian food. Labels were in English language, but very spicy food also had a note in German. Nearly everything I tried tasted good or even very good, except the sausages. 'NCL' could have loaded high quality German sausages in Hamburg, but they did not. Staff usually asked friendly before taking dishes away from the table. Dress code was casual.

The Guests - Majority of passengers were Germans of a higher average age. Other remarkable proportions were from Spain, Italy, North America, many other European countries and Middle East. Loudspeaker announcements were made in English, German and Spanish. From my observation, the ship is kid friendly, there were lots of kids and youths, and I also saw people in wheel chairs and with rollators.

Shore Excursions - This is something I usually organize on my own. Disembarkation at ports of call was nearly always without any problems, no long waiting, at tender ports, everything well organized. The ship was mostly very punctual. Guests were generally not allowed to bring beverages on board.

Entertainment - Too less time to enjoy all the offers. Usually, there were different entertainment opportunities in many venues at the same time. Music, dance, games, no reason for boredom. I missed proper information on the 3 possible midnight sun appearances on this cruise, most passengers thus may have missed the first midnight sun, which was the only good one. The passage around Nordkapp however was announced in the 'Freestyle Daily' program with quite exact times.

Shopping - A big duty free shop offered different things, from clothes to gifts, spirits and tobacco, as well as perfumes. I missed price labels on candy, chocolate and potato chip products. Special sales were offered sometimes.

Internet - Access prices were significantly higher than I knew it from other cruises, and together with the fact that in northern latitudes internet via satellite is not guaranteed or even technically impossible, I waived purchasing an internet package on this cruise. Land based LTE internet access was available most of the time, when the ship cruised in coastal areas, and in ports anyway.

Disembarkation - Elevators did not stop on the deck from where the disembarkation took place in Hamburg, for whatever reason. Cruise guests were allowed to take their baggage from the ship on their own, and I did it without any waiting after arrival.

Thank you very much 'Norwegian Cruise Line', for this cruise on 'Norwegian Jade'!


Norwegian Jade  Extérieur
'Norwegian Jade's funnel :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 16jul2018 2107CEST (Exterieur Funnel)
Another view on 'Norwegian Jade's funnel :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 16jul2018 2109CEST (Exterieur Funnel)
The pool deck of 'Norwegian Jade' at dusk :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 15jul2018 2231CEST (Exterieur Pool Deck)
'Norwegian Jade's pool deck :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 16jul2018 2029CEST (Exterieur Pool Deck)
'Norwegian Jade's sun deck :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 26jul2018 0742CEST (Exterieur Sun Deck)
'Norwegian Jade's sun deck quiet zone :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 26jul2018 0743CEST (Exterieur Sun Deck)
'Norwegian Jade's 'The Great Outdoors' buffet restaurant outdoor area :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 26jul2018 0608CEST (Exterieur The Great Outdoors)

Norwegian Jade  Intérieur
'Norwegian Jade's atrium and 'O'Sheehan's Bar & Grill' :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 26jul2018 0558CEST (Interieur Atrium O'Sheehan's Bar & Grill)
'Norwegian Jade's 'Bliss Lounge' :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 26jul2018 0549CEST (Interieur Bliss Lounge)
'Norwegian Jade's 'Garden Café' buffet restaurant :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 26jul2018 0602CEST (Interieur Garden Café)
'Norwegian Jade's 'Library' :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 26jul2018 0617CEST (Interieur Library)
'Norwegian Jade's 'Magnum's Champagne & Wine Bar' with atrium :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 26jul2018 0551CEST (Interieur Magnum's Champagne & Wine Bar Atrium)
'Norwegian Jade's 'Spinnaker Lounge' :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 26jul2018 0543CEST (Interieur Spinnaker Lounge)

Norwegian Jade  Stateroom

My 'Interior Stateroom' #519 on deck 9 starboard side had a king size double bed with bedside tables. Ship's vibrations and engine noise were transmitted into the pillows. There was a commode with stool, a big safe for valuables, a phone and a minibar stocked with refreshment and alcoholic drinks. Storage for clothes was partially occupied with pillows, blankets and life vests. There was a socket for EU and some more for US plugs, as well as a socket at the commode for charging with an USB cable. Some very few international TV channels were offered in most important languages only, a moving map provided ship's position and plenty of other nautical and meteorological information. There was only the single main light switch next to the door, the main stateroom light could not be turned on or off at the bed for example. Night light switches were at the bed, but I could bump my head at the night light boxes mounted directly above the pillows. The boxes each also had an USB socket for charging electronic devices. There was quite annoying cigar smoke coming to the stateroom from the air condition several times for each a while every day, twice it was even exhaust fume. The stateroom was quiet, no annoying loudspeaker announcements, but they could be heard on the bow cam TV channel 24.

Bathroom with very spacious shower, gel as well as conditioner dispensers and a clothesline. The shower temperature oscillated constantly between warm and not so warm. Mirror, toilet, washbasin with soap dispenser, towels and flannels. Some toiletries were provided.

Stateroom cleaning was carried out twice a day. From my observation, balcony staterooms received a written note on the evening before the balconies would be cleaned. Security information was on the stateroom door, an air conditioner thermostat next to the bathroom door. I usually found a towel animal on the bed in the evenings, together with the 6-page and closely printed planner 'Freestyle Daily', containing all necessary information.


Interieur Stateroom #519 on deck 9 :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 15jul2018 1645CEST (Stateroom9519)
138ft² (12.80m²) stateroom with private bathroom :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 15jul2018 1642CEST (Stateroom9519)
Stateroom #9519 suitable for 3 guests :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 15jul2018 1659CEST (Stateroom9519)
TV with map in Stateroom #9519 :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 23jul2018 1338CEST (Stateroom9519)

Norwegian Jade  Photos
'Norwegian Jade' berthed in Hamburg :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 04jun2017 1633CEST (Hamburg)
'Norwegian Jade' departs from Hamburg :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 04jun2017 1808CEST (Hamburg)
'Norwegian Jade' abeam Hamburg Finkenwerder :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 04jun2017 1812CEST (Hamburg)
'Norwegian Jade' leaves Hamburg :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 04jun2017 1812CEST (Hamburg)
'Norwegian Jade' leaves Hamburg after 'Hamburg Cruise Days 2017' :
Norwegian Jade · IMO9304057 · 09sep2017 2157CEST (Hamburg)

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